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Practice Your Skills, Grow Your Network, Launch Your Career

Getting started in your career can be hard! HubSpot's Micro-Internship Program aims to bridge the gap between college and career by connecting students like you to companies looking for your skills.

HubSpot's Micro-Internship Program, sponsored by the Education Partner Program in partnership with Parker Dewey, connects HubSpot Customers and Solutions Partners with students to complete short-term (15-20 hour) projects that solve real business challenges. 

These projects support students' career exploration, expand pathways to economic growth, and allow businesses to increase productivity and student engagement. 

HubSpot has over 113,000 customers in 120+ countries! This is a great opportunity for students to get paid work experience while growing their knowledge of HubSpot and the tech industry. Most micro-interns will earn at least $350 per project! 


Getting Started

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible for this opportunity if you: 

  • are a college or university student located in the US  or Canada 
  • currently enrolled in a credit-bearing course at an Education Partner Program institution.  

You can ask your professor to confirm if they are a part of the Education Partner Program. You will be able to provide their name during the application process. Alternatively, you can write to microinternships@hubspot.com to ask if you are enrolled at an eligible institution. More information about eligibility is available in our FAQ section

Applying For Micro-Internships

After you have confirmed your eligibility you can follow these steps to apply for projects! 

  1. Create an account on Parker Dewey and complete your profile.
  2. Upload your resume, and list HubSpot Education Partner Program under "affiliations".
  3. Browse available projects and apply for as many as you like! 

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions, and our FAQ page for additional information.

Example Projects

Check out some of the past projects that HubSpot Micro-Interns have completed.

Company: Go2 Partners
Project Length: 20 hours 
Payment: $350 

Description: Create a social media content calendar with two posts per day for the next month. These posts should span from thought leadership, to promoting upcoming events, and should reflect the HubSpot brand voice. We will provide you with content to help fill your posts.

Company: Black Diamond Advisory 
Project Length: 20 hours 
Payment: $350 

Description: Work with existing Hubspot Contact data to: 
  • Create segmentation and lists
  • Create and organize Target lists
  • Leverage existing campaigns to maximize leads
  • Set up lead tracking and train HubSpot users to leverage application 

Company: Gró HR Consulting
Project Length: 20 hours 
Payment: $350 

Description: Research and draft an article for our blog (topic to be provided). The article should be consistent with existing blog articles and written in our brand voice.

Company: HubSpot Education Partner Program
Project Length: 20 hours 
Payment: $350 

Description: Conduct and analyze research to help determine strategic partner institutions that would be a good fit for our program. Determine trends associated with the growth of marketing, sales, and business education as a whole. Based on findings, primary deliverables include presenting a recommended list of institutions that the EPP should target and an overview of initiatives or programs that draw a clear connection between why the EPP program may be a good fit for the institution.

Company: Ragan Consulting Group
Project Length: 
20 hours 
Payment: $350 

Description: Looking for someone to help with the following tasks in our HubSpot platform. 

1. Contact and data clean-up - This will be correcting simple capitalization or typo issues, adding associated companies or contacts where missing, merging any existing duplicates.

2. Creating new forms that will be used on our website, and replace forms from another platform that exists already. This will be something that is created once and cloned then updated for each new form.


Your Knowledge at Work

Solving challenges for real clients allows you to better prepare for career growth opportunities and provides insight into the pathways that are right for you.

Grow Your Network

Students are typically the first to find new trends and technologies. Companies are excited to work with you and are hungry for your valuable perspective. 

Enhance Your Employability

When a business works directly with you, they see your skills in action and give you immediate feedback on how to improve and grow. 

Share Your Skills

Close the gap between what you have learned in school and what you can directly apply to solve real business challenges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs for Students page or reach out to microinternships@hubspot.com.