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Micro-Internship Program Strategic Partners

Join our Micro-Internship Program as a strategic partner and help bridge the skills and paid work experience gaps for learners globally.

You want to help learners gain skills and paid work experience. We have that in common.

When HubSpot first started it's Education Partner Program, it's mission was to help millions of students learn better and we empowered thousands of professors with the tools, certifications, and software to teach students. We realized there was still a skills and experience gap between the training students received and the experience students needed to land full-time career opportunities in the competitive job market. 

To address this, we launched the Micro-Internship Program, in partnership with Parker Dewey, to match students with companies in HubSpot's ecosystem to complete short-term (15-30 hour) projects that solve real business challenges. Students gained paid work experience to add to their resumes and emerged as stronger candidates in the competitive job market.

We are excited to expand our Micro-Internship Program to all learners as part of our commitment to workforce development and are partnering with new strategic partners to broaden our reach and impact. If you are a university, nonprofit, foundation, or workforce development organization aligned with this mission, join us as a strategic partner!

Program Offerings

The Micro-Internship Program is well-equipped to customize and scale our resources to the specific goals of our strategic partners, ensuring maximum reach and impact on a large number of learners.

Education Resources

We can create custom curriculum taught by expert instructors, with HubSpot Academy certifications, to train learners on specific skills prior to being matched to micro-internship projects.


We have a vast network of companies across all industries in the HubSpot ecosystem eager to have micro-interns work on projects such as marketing, sales, AI, and HubSpot software.

Paid Micro-Internships

Learners gain skills, real work experience to add to their resumes, and are compensated for their project work.

Strategic Partner Eligibility

  • Your organization is a university, nonprofit, foundation or workforce development program 
  • Your organization has funding or is eligible to receive funding that supports workforce development initiatives
  • You are excited to impact a large number of learners (i.e. 300+ learners)
  • You are eager to explore new ways of building equitable opportunities for learners with HubSpot training, and micro-internships, and access to HubSpot's network of companies

Become a Strategic Partner Today!

Email us at to learn more on how your organization can become a Strategic Partner.