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Learning paths are combinations of HubSpot Academy certifications, courses, and lessons hand-picked by our experts to prepare you for your next role, career, or business move.

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Sales Representative

Are you patient and tenacious, and love helping others succeed?

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Does a balance of strategy, creativity and analytical thinking appeal to you?

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Account Manager

HubSpot Solutions Partners*
Are you highly organized and great at building relationships?

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Automation Across the Flywheel

Do you want to use automation to improve your customer experience?

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Customer Service Manager

Are you a great communicator with a customer-centric attitude?

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HubSpot Systems Administrator

Are you a great communicator with a customer-centric attitude?

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One year ago today, I began the Content Marketing Certification course with HubSpot Academy. That was the first step I made towards taking my career into my own hands, I couldn't be where I am today if I hadn't made that move.

Kelsey Bigelow

Marketing Communications Specialist

F&G Annuities & Life

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