HubSpot Certified Training - Learning Session

Become a HubSpot Certified Trainer

Gain the credibility you need to start teaching inbound and HubSpot to prospects and clients.

What is the HubSpot Certified Trainer program?

The HubSpot Certified Trainer program enables you to teach inbound and HubSpot with support from HubSpot Academy. With HubSpot behind your name, people can rest assured that your expertise, training and delivery meet the high quality standards set by HubSpot Academy.


Create scalable training services and deliver training that people find valuable.


Expand the reach of the inbound movement and transform the way the world does business.


Give your agency a new way to get found, develop a new source of revenue and generate new leads.


Gain access to training, resources, and support from HubSpot Academy and the HCT community.

What's a good fit to join?

HubSpot Certified Trainers are individuals who are passionate about inbound, HubSpot, and education. They have a desire to share their knowledge with others to transform the way the world does business.
We will be accepting applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:
  • Are employed at a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond tiered HubSpot Agency Partner
  • Are Inbound Certified, Inbound Sales Certified, HubSpot Marketing Software Certified, and HubSpot Sales Software Certified
  • Have a history of speaking or training
  • Show an ability to explain concepts in an engaging and informative way
  • Have a passion and enthusiasm for inbound and HubSpot

Why should you join?

As a HubSpot Certified Trainer, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive train-the-trainer online course
  • Use of the "HubSpot Certified Trainer" digital badge to market your services
  • Visibility in HubSpot Partner Directory
  • Powerful, ready-to-use training & resources
  • Membership to exclusive community of trainers 

How do you join?

Admission into the HubSpot Certified Trainer program begins with an application. If you're accepted in to the program, you'll complete the HubSpot Trainer Certification course. Upon passing, you'll receive your badge and access to the training resources. 

There will be open-enrollment windows throughout 2018 and there will be a limit on the number of HCTs accepted per class. Applications are currently closed. The next application period will be early 2018. Fill out the form below to stay updated.

  • Rebecca Murphy
    "It helped us to demonstrate our capability and expertise as an agency that was certified to deliver HubSpot training. Having this has certainly helped us win business as we can fully demonstrate our expertise and differentiate ourselves during the sales process."

    Rebecca Murphy


  • Elyse Flynn Meyer
    "We did a 6-hour training for a client who was already using HubSpot but was not using it effectively. From there, it turned into an 80K retainer over 12 months and they are still a client with us, and we work with four of their brands now. In addition to that, we have provided training to a variety of organizations, and 100% of those trainings have turned into retainers."

    Elyse Flynn Meyer

    Prism Global Marketing

  • Trevor Nicholls
    "Having the accreditation was a complete no's helped us in the sales process when selling HubSpot retainers. We often find some nervousness with prospective HubSpot customers in that they're investing a considerable amount of money on both the software and the marketing retainers...Letting them know that we are an accredited trainer has definitely swayed the decision in our favour...We have retainers now that were as a result of us delivering courses."

    Trevor Nicholls

    Klood Digital

Educate and Inspire

Want to join the HubSpot Certified Trainer Program?

Becoming a HubSpot Certified Trainer enables you to teach inbound and HubSpot. With HubSpot behind your name, people can rest assured that your expertise, training and delivery meet the high quality standards set by HubSpot Academy.

Applications will open in early 2018. Complete the form below to be the first notified of the next open application period: