Level Five: Connecting a Brand Partnership With Your Audience’s Self-Identity Through Email Nurturing

Teach your students to manage and promote a brand partnership. Centering in on the values that both brands share to fully connect with audience members through an email nurturing campaign.

In this course, students will learn how to create a smart email nurturing campaign to drive more engagement for Coachella’s partnership with the #MyCalvins campaign from Calvin Klein. Students will learn to plan out their brand partnership, attach their campaign to real business metrics, and use smart content to create a contextual experience for their audience members through an email nurturing campaign. 

This course focuses on audience members that are operating by their own self-regulated interest, which is the fifth level of the Seventh Level Engagement framework. This is characterized by a person’s genuine excitement and interest in a message because it fulfills an element of their own self/personal interests; their engagement is driven by self-interest, not an interest in the specific individual or a company. Audience members have bought tickets to the festival, showing that some of the values that Coachella displays are aligned with their own self-interest. Now Coachella wants to show that Calvin Klein shares some of those same values to maximize the value from their partnership.

  1. Evaluate the values that a business shares with their audience to connect a brand identity with an audience’s self-identity.
  2. Plan an email nurturing campaign.
  3. Create an outline of each email in the sequence.
  4. Write the copy for all of your emails.
  5. Create emails in HubSpot.
  6. Create campaigns as a workflow in HubSpot.

Before Starting the Course: 

Amanda Slavin's Brand Engagement Course

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