Level Four: Creating Structure Dependent Engagement With Your Instagram Audience

Teach your students to engage with their Instagram following in a way that drives followers to interact with offers outside of the platform. They'll learn to leverage Instagram posts and stories to move their audience up to higher levels of engagement.

In this course, students will create an Instagram post and story campaign to connect with audience members in the Structure-Dependent phase. This includes planning the campaign to positively affect business metrics aligned with Coachella’s bottom line and creating content that nurtures audience members to a higher level of engagement. 

This course focuses on audience that are operating based in structure-dependent engagement, which is the fourth level of the Seventh Level framework. This is characterized by a person’s active response and participation in instruction and activities, provided the barrier to entry and their personal sacrifice is low. For social media, this presents an opportunity to offer engagement opportunities that require very little effort from the audience, such as a story poll, post that calls for a like, or a question posed to followers. By continually nurturing your followers like this, you’ll get them in the habit of saying yes to you, increasing your chances of conversion with your offer.

  1. Create a strategy for Coachella’s posts during a campaign to offer tickets to IG followers
  2. Create the social media posts for the campaign
  3. Create a strategy for Coachella’s IG stories during this campaign 
  4. Create the IG story posts
  5. Create these posts in HubSpot Social Media tools

Before Starting the Course: 

Amanda Slavin's Brand Engagement Course

Note: Enrolling in this course requires creating an account with CatalystCreativ

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