Level One: Break Through Disengagement Using HubSpot Ads

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Course Details

Length of Course: 6 hours

Inbound Phase: Attract

Software Tools Used: HubSpot Ads 

Level of Engagement: Disengagement

Marketing Initiatives: 

  • Seventh Level Statement
  • Persona Development
  • Buyer's Journey Mapping
  • Ad Creation

What Will Students Learn?

After completing this course, students will have a strong understanding of the Ad creation process. Starting with their own company values, they will document their ideal persona and understand the things they are thinking, feeling, and doing throughout their buyer's journey. From there, students will learn the practical skills of creating an ad using HubSpot software.

This course focuses on engaging with audience members in the disengagement phase, the first level of the Seventh Level Engagement framework. This phase is characterized by a person showing disinterest; they’re completely idle and avoid tasks, interactions or attempts at communication. Therefore, the goal is to make sure the brand is targeting the correct audience in order to send people relevant messaging based on their stage in the buyer’s journey.

In this course, students will create an advertising campaign to attract new audience members to Coachella. Students will clearly define the ideal audience for this campaign, starting first by identifying the purpose and values of Coachella and then searching for the audience that Coachella would best serve.

Before Starting the Course: 

Amanda Slavin's Brand Engagement Course

Note: Enrolling in this course requires creating an account with CatalystCreativ

Recommended: The Seventh Level: Transform Your Business Through Meaningful Engagement with Your Customers and Employees

Included in Course Assignments:

Chapter 1: HubSpot Marketing Software Certification

Buyer Personas (16 mins)

Developing the Buyer’s Journey for Your Business (12 mins)

Getting Started with HubSpot Ads (17 mins)


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