Level Six: Developing Critical Engagement With Followers Using HubSpot’s Social Media Tools

Teach your students to build a complete social media engagement strategy. This includes social media response frameworks, influencer analysis, and leveraging new social media features to support these followers.

In this course, students will prepare Coachella to engage with audience members posting about the event. Students will evaluate their audience to define engagement metrics for the event, create a typology of influencers, a social media response framework, and a strategy to use Instagram’s close friends feature to promote their event. 

This course focuses on audience members operating at the level of critical engagement, which is the sixth level of the Seventh Level Engagement framework. This is characterized by a person’s inspiration to make a change in their own life; taking personal action to set goals and transform their lives to achieve an objective based on a message or interaction. Coachella wants to make sure that they support audience members at this phase to bring them to the highest level of engagement. For this, they focus on the ways they can monitor and interact with audience members on social media. 

  1. Analyze Coachella’s social media engagement efforts.
  2. Set and define the engagement goals for Coachella.
  3. Identify the key terms, KPIs (key performance indicators), and hashtags Coachella should be following.
  4. Evaluate and record key influencers who will be in attendance based on their following and typology of influencers (mega, micro, and nano).
  5. Create a decision tree on how Coachella will be responding to content that is being shared via social before, during, and after the festival.
  6. Create a promotional strategy for Coachella to leverage Instagram’s new close friends feature with critically engaged followers.

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