Level Two: Direct Website Traffic Using Pillar Content

Teach your students to create web content that solves for visitor confusion with resource pillar pages. Students will learn the research, planning, and creation that goes into content marketing.

In this course, students will create a web page to help Coachella's website visitors find all the resources they need to plan their trips to Coachella. These resources are currently hosted in multiple places on Coachella’s website, causing confusion that results in viewers leaving the site without buying tickets. Students will create a pillar page to help inform visitors by summarizing all the resources available and providing the relevant links to learn more. 

This course focuses on engaging with audience members in the unsystematic engagement phase, which is the second level of the Seventh Level Engagement framework. This phase is characterized by a person’s confusion and feelings of inadequacy; they don’t understand an element of your message so they give up quickly. Their feelings of inadequacy are coming from them not being able to evaluate all their options for booking their trip to Coachella.

  1. Evaluate your website and the user journey as a visitor finds the information they need. Find all the necessary resources for each stage of planning your trip to Coachella on and off the website.
  2. Plan out the main topics of your page based on the resources that visitors are having trouble finding on your website. 
  3. Create a detailed outline for the content on your page. 
  4. Create heading, subheading, meta description, page title, banner image, and Google preview text for your page. 
  5. Create your page to go live using HubSpot software.
  6. Run a Q&A to evaluate your finished page. Use this to make any design or copy edits to the page. 

Before Starting the Course: 

Amanda Slavin's Brand Engagement Course

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Included in Course Assignments:


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