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HubSpot Academy Certifications

The Education Partner Program provides professors and students with access to HubSpot Academy certifications. Our free certifications are one of the easiest ways for learners to pick up new skills, gain knowledge, and gain a leg up in the job search process.

Why Learn with HubSpot Academy?

Advance Your Career

Invest in yourself and your career by staying up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing, sales, customer support, and more.

Exclusive Content

With access to an EPP Enterprise portal, students can complete HubSpot software certifications for free which can usually only be obtained with a paid subscription to HubSpot (more details below). 


HubSpot Certifications help prepare students for real-world work experiences through the EPP's Micro-Internships Program.

Show Off Your Skills

All HubSpot Academy Certifications come with a unique achievement link. This allows students to add their globally recognized certifications to their LinkedIn, resume, or portfolio.

Top Certifications 2022 - 2023

The certifications below were the top certifications completed by students across the world during the 2022 - 2023 academic year. As you plan your 2023 - 2024 syallbi, consider these certifications for your course
Social Media Certification

Inbound Certification

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Marketing Software Certification


Digital Marketing Certification

Integrating Certifications Into Your Course

Education Partners have a lot of different ways of integrating HubSpot Certifications into their course, especially because every course is different and there is only so much time in a semester. The four examples below are the most popular, but many professors also combine these ideas in line with what works best for them

Specific Certifications

Professors choose specific certifications that relate to their course and assign these certifications to students to complete by a given date

Number of Certifications

Professors require students to complete a certain number of certifications over the course of the semester, but let students choose which subjects and areas they want to learn about

Extra Credit

Professors give students extra credit for completing certifications, either those completed in addition the certifications already assigned or professors don't assign/require any certifications and students can simply complete them for extra credit.


Professors choose to not assign or require students to complete any certifications, but make sure students are aware of the certifications and give them the opportunity to complete them on their own time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that isn't answered here? Email us at educationpartners@hubspot.com

"Assigning" a certification is as simple as choosing which ones you want your students to complete and making sure they can find the certification.

Please refer to the video and PowerPoint for instructions on how to assign and find assigned certifications:


While certifications cannot currently be embedded into a LMS and completed from within the LMS, many of our Education Partners assign certifications within their LMS' using the link to the certification(s) they want students to complete. This allows students to navigate to the certification directly and ensure they are completing the correct certification(s).

Absolutely! Using the My Team feature in HubSpot Academy, professors can track which certifications students have started and completed. However, professors cannot see the grade the student received on the final exam so students would have to send that information manually. 

For instructions on how to track your students' progress, please refer to article below:

Tracking Student Certification Progress

Yes! All HubSpot Academy certifications are 100% free and students will never have to pay to complete a certification. Students also have the advantage of being able to complete HubSpot Software Certifications through the EPP portal. These certifications generally require a paid subscription to HubSpot, but the free EPP portal enables them to complete these certifications that most students cannot get otherwise.

EPP Certification Recommendations

Finding the right certifications for your class can be challenging. Explore below to see what our team recommends for different subject areas and how to find the certification that is the right fit for your course

HubSpot Software Certifications

HubSpot Software Certifications are structured similarly to all other HubSpot certifications, but also include practical exercises that allows students to get hands-on, interactive practice within the HubSpot software. It is the best way for students to walk out of your class saying, "HubSpot has certified me to use HubSpot"


Note: Software certifications usually require a Pro or Enterprise license to compete. Through their EPP portal, professors and students can take these certifications completely for free

HubSpot - Agnostic Certifications

HubSpot - Agnostic certifications make up the majority of HubSpot Academy's globally recognized certifications. These certifications are industry best practices, concept-based certifications that dive deep into various topics across marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, web development, and more. Trusted by over 200,000 professionals, these certifications are an excellent way for students to learn more about specific topics and boost their resumes, LinkedIn pages, and portfolios.