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5 questions with...

A series of interviews unlocking the power and potential of the HubSpot ecosystem for students

Part 1: 5 Questions with Jason Azocar, Founder and CEO of HubSearch

Jason talked about how students and entry-level job seekers can find value in the HubSpot ecosystem, how to think about compensation, and a nifty way to add experience to your resume.

Jason Azocar
HubSpot is selling licenses at a faster clip than people are learning it. If you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of thousands of students graduating in May of 2022 - come out with experience in a certain skill.

Feel free to watch the whole video, but here are some timestamps if you'd like to skip ahead:

  • Jason introduces himself (00:30)
  • What advice would you give students? (01:18)
  • Agency vs in-house; Generalist vs specialist (3:58)
  • How can students demonstrate competency? (8:44)
  • Compensation (12:56)
  • What does access to an Enterprise Portal mean in practice? (16:08)
  • Find out more (19:01)
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Part 2: Coming soon...