Frequently Asked Questions about our Micro-Internships Program

Students should graduate ready to work. But, that isn't always the case. Let HubSpot's Education Partner Program connect you with students who are eager to solve real business challenges, and have the pleasure of working with the next generation of talent.

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    For HubSpot Clients and Solutions Partners

    HubSpot is collaborating with Parker Dewey to launch the HubSpot Micro-Internship program. This program seems to bridge the gap between college and career and to help students expand their pathways to economic growth and opportunity.  

    Through the Micro-Internship program, students taught by our HubSpot Education Partners receive the opportunity to work on short-term (5-20 hours of work) paid professional projects - or micro-internships - with HubSpot Customers like you! 

    For a limited time, HubSpot customers will receive funding for these opportunities (up to $350 per project) on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Parker Dewey is an organization that offers micro-internships to highly-motivated students. Employers (that's you!) within Parker Dewey's network offer Micro-Internships, and students within their network apply to them.

    HubSpot's Education Partner Program is working with Parker Dewey to facilitate these exchanges between companies that use HubSpot and students taught by HubSpot Education Partners. 

  • While this opportunity is open to any paid HubSpot Customer or Solutions Partner, there are several qualifications that make a customer a “good fit”. We encourage “good fit” clients to post on their Micro-Internship

    A “good fit” client is one that

    • Is happy and comfortable using HubSpot
    • Has a point-of-contact who is enthusiastic about working with - and  providing feedback to - students. 
    • Has a compelling project that involves some creativity and complexity that an employee currently doesn’t have the bandwidth to complete, but can be done within 40 hours. Please refer to the "What is a Micro-Internship" question below for more details. 
  • Micro-Internships are short-term (up to 40 hours) professional assignments that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. Click here to see Parker Dewey's library of example Micro-Internships.

    Examples of Micro-Internships include:

    • market research
    • assisting in lead generation
    • crafting internal and external communication materials. 

    A good Micro-Internship opportunity: 

    • Provides feedback: Customers and partners who are enthusiastic about working with someone new to field and providing them with feedback are more likely to enjoy working with these students rather than customers and partners who see this purely as a transaction. 
    • Is clear and realistic: Clearly communicate the challenges students will solve within a reasonable timeframe. No student wants to be set up to fail. 
    • Includes context and detail: Why does your company wants this project done? What outcome does the company desire?

    Employers typically expect deliverables between one week and one month after kickoff, depending on the nature of the project and the needs of the employer.

  • We understand that it can sometimes be intimidating to get a student you may not know well to work on a project for you.

    While all HubSpot Partners and Customers who are "good fits" for this opportunity should be committed to providing feedback and mentorship, HubSpot also offers Micro-Interns a chance to participate in an optional "micro-mentorship" opportunities while they complete projects for you. 

    All Micro-Interns will have a chance to schedule meetings with a customer-facing employees at HubSpot. These employees can share best practices and answer questions about working with customers, so that your micro-interns can put their best foot forward, regardless of whether or not they have professional experience. 

  • You'll start by creating an account with Parker Dewey, which you can do here

    After creating your account, you will need to post a project. Typically, you can do this in under five minutes, using your own project description or by getting inspiration from Parker Dewey's template library.

    After posting the project, you will receive applications from interested candidates. These candidates can be reviewed and selected quickly—and the timeline for  deliverables is up to you. 


  • Since you best understand the skills, profile, and personality required to successfully execute a Micro-Internship, it's up to you to determine how you want to evaluate candidates. 

    Many organizations select a student based solely upon their profile and answers to project-specific questions, though some also request work samples, or conduct phone interviews.


  • To give as many organizations the opportunity to work with students, HubSpot's subsidy for this pilot program is limited to three micro-interns per HubSpot Customer.

    If you would like to hire more than three Micro-Interns, you are welcome to work with Parker Dewey directly to pay these students. 

  • Although this work is similar to what an intern would do for your company, it differs in several key ways: 
    • Whereas interns are hired for a certain period of time and work on projects as they arise, the student's commitment to your company is done once they complete the project.  
    • Internships typically are timed around the academic calendar. However, given the brevity of most of these project, you can micro-interns nearly any time of the year.  
    • The business relationship between your Micro-Intern and your organization is with Parker Dewey itself, which means that 1) your interns are not employees of your company but, rather, are paid by Parker Dewey as Independent Contractors and 2) there is no administrative, accounting, or HR burden for your company.


  • HubSpot will fund one project per eligible customer up to $350 USD per project/student for up to 40 hours of work. So, this is effectively a free opportunity for your organization so long as fair payment for your project is $350 USD at most.

    If you decide that the scope of your project is valued over $350 USD, your organization will cover whatever balance is owed to the student. 

    If you decide to hire someone for a traditional internship or full-time role off the platform, there is no "finder's fee" to be paid to Parker Dewey. In fact, we love it when this happens so let us know if it does!

  • Employment: Micro-Interns are not your employees, contractors, interns, temps, or freelancers. Similar to working with a consulting firm or any other service provider, you are engaging Parker Dewey LLC to complete the assignment, and each individual you select is a contractor or employee of Parker Dewey. 

    Liability: Parker Dewey takes full liability for the deliverable of each student.  Not happy with the work product? Parker Dewey will give you a full refund or find an alternate Career Launcher. 

    Work Product: All work product is owned by you. 

    Confidentiality: While most projects involve public-facing information of a non-sensitive nature, both Parker Dewey and all students sign strict NDAs to protect your information. In addition to the standard provisions, the students understand that they are risking their academic transcript or expulsion for any violation of confidentiality.

    Background Checks: Given the short-term nature and structure of these assignments, we do not conduct background checks. 

    Please also note that HubSpot is not liable for any costs or damages arising out of or related to your transactions with the job seekers or candidates and will not allow Employers to post jobs that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender or any other discriminatory ground

  • You have a few options! Feel free to take a look at Parker Dewey's FAQ page, which is here

    Alternatively, you can also write to us at, and we can make sure to route your inquiry. 

  • Take a look at some example projects and create your Company Profile on Parker Dewey. 

    Once you create an Employer account on Parker Dewey, you can create and post a project. If you haven't posted one within a few days of creating the account, the Parker Dewey team will be sure to reach out to you and follow-up with any assistance.

  • Lisa headshot-1
    In the initial kickoff call, I presented my business, its vision, strategy and challenges and the students had the most insightful questions which made me feel very confident in their abilities. And the students did not disappoint! I was incredibly impressed with the content plan and assets they were able to deliver that I know will both resonate with, and add value to, my audience.
  • Jenner-square
    The team we worked with went above and beyond my expectations. The students did a phenomenal job understanding Run Away Travel's buyer personas and created fun and interesting content that our customer's will find valuable.
  • Samantha Masabny
    This project inspired us to lean into a side of our business we had yet to fully explore. Since the project ended - we have increased our apparel sales over 500% in two months. The student truly had a hand in inspiring our efforts.