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Fast-track your career in digital marketing with practical training in the top nine digital marketing domains — inbound, content marketing, SEO, website optimization, video marketing, digital advertising, email marketing, social media, and analytics.

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2-3 weeks



For those who want to:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the top nine digital marketing domains 
  • Become competent in planning, managing, and executing integrated multi-channel campaigns
  • Understand how digital marketing disciplines work together and how to optimize their use of each one




What will you be able to do?

Here are just a few things you will be able to do once you complete this learning path


Build a successful content strategy to attract, engage, and delight your audience




Craft an email marketing strategy that is human, helpful, and builds trust with your contacts


Leverage the power of social media to transform your business and your career

Learning Path Curriculum

Our expertly picked curation of education to help you master digital marketing

  • Discover the fundamentals of the inbound methodology and the flywheel and learn how to apply them to your business. The Inbound Certification Course teaches you how to run a successful inbound business, from marketing to sales to services.

    7 lessons - 15 videos (1:54 hours)

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  • A successful content strategy is telling your business’s story in a way that attracts, engages and delights your audience through each stage of the buyer’s journey. All of which you'll learn how to do in this course.

    8 Lessons - 25 videos (3:07 hours)

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  • Learn all things SEO, including link building, topic clusters, building search authority, and an inside look into how HubSpot uses blogging to rank #1 on Google.

    3 lessons - 15 videos (1:00 hours)

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  • Building a guest blogging strategy that's optimized for search engines takes a lot of work and dedication. In this lesson, you'll learn why guest blogging is a critical piece of your blogging strategy, how to create a guest blogging strategy, how to find guest blogging opportunities, and how to secure a guest blogging spot. You'll then finish with how to write a guest blog author bio.

    1 lesson - 6 videos (44 min)

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  • In this course, you'll learn how to fix common website issues including improving website performance, enhancing SEO for a website, optimizing a website for mobile, implementing website security best practices, and website personalization. Made for marketers by marketers, this course puts technical topics into simple language and instructs you on how to implement your own solutions or discuss with your web expert.

    6 lessons - 17 videos (1:27 hours)

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  • Learn how to get started with online video marketing to better attract, engage, and delight your audience. Completing this course will help you create engaging videos, use video throughout the inbound methodology, select the right video type to engage your audience and track and analyze key video metrics.

    6 lessons - 30 videos (2:00 hours)

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  • Build your audience and your brand on YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine behind Google. Learn from YouTube influencers and experts how to create a successful YouTube channel, create engaging videos people want to share, optimize your videos for higher visibility, take advantage of YouTube SEO, get more video views and channel subscribers, and monetize your channel.

    5 lessons - 13 videos (1:20 hours)

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  • The Social Media Certification will help you shape the conversation around your business, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners; it's the only social media training you'll ever need. Completing this course will help you develop an engaging and effective social media strategy for your business, build an inbound social media strategy that delights your customers and grows your bottom line and leverage the power of social media to transform your business and your career.

    9 lessons - 39 videos (4:10 hours)

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  • This course includes everything you need to know to improve and optimize your paid and organic Facebook efforts. This course is meant for marketers looking for actionable and impactful ways to use this popular social network to grow their business.

    4 lessons - 16 videos (1:18 hours)

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  • Learn how to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy. Completing this course will help you learn how to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy, harness the power of this visual social network to grow your business, and invest in yourself and your career by learning one of the most in-demand skills in digital and social media marketing.

    6 lessons - 19 videos (1:32 hours)

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  • Today, digital advertising can be targeted, relevant, and helpful in ways it couldn't be before. In this course, you'll learn what journey-based advertising is and how to use it, explore the social media and paid search advertising platforms, learn how to determine your ad spend, see how organic and paid efforts can work together, and hear a digital advertising success story from a HubSpot customer.

    6 lessons - 19 videos (1:32 hours)

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  • This email marketing course will teach you how to create an email marketing strategy that grows your business, and your career. From contact management and segmentation to email deliverability and analyzing your email sends, you’ll learn how to build an email marketing strategy that is human and helpful and builds trust with your contacts. At the end of this course, apply what you've learned with the email marketing tools that come free in your account.

    11 lessons - 28 videos (3:18 hours)

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  • In this certification course, you will  learn how to plan and implement a data strategy that ensures your business goals and decisions are data-driven.

    11 lessons, 34 videos (7:00 hours)

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  • Learn how to start, nurture, and manage relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers with the HubSpot CRM and free marketing tools.

    4 lessons - 16 videos (48 minutes)

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