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Learning Path for HubSpot Solutions Partners

This learning path will provide solutions partners with pertinent content to enable usage, service and how to integrate Marketing Hub. If you're looking to strengthen your understanding of Marketing Hub and identify opportunities to expand its impact in your business, then this learning path is for you!

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Learning Path Details

Estimated time to complete

Approximately 17 hours


Intermediate to Advanced

For solutions partners who want to:

  • Deepen their understanding of Marketing Hub
  • Integrate Marketing Hub with other tools
  • Gather actionable insights through Marketing Hub reporting




Learning Path Topics

This learning path will review the following focus areas:


Benefits of Marketing Hub for an inbound business, including tools to achieve various marketing goals



2023_MarketingHub_Analytics3 (1)

Effective reporting using traffic analytics, attribution reports, and HubSpot dashboards


Client lifecycle management, key stages, and tips on how HubSpot manages this process


Marketing Hub implementation

Learning Path Curriculum

We’ve curated the list of required certification courses your organization must earn to apply for a HubSpot accreditation.

  • At a high level, you can use Marketing Hub to drive traffic to your website, nurture your contacts with personalized web and email content, and manage relationships at scale using segmentation and automation tools. In this lesson, you'll learn how Marketing Hub fits within the larger context of an inbound business, how to navigate through the software, and how to use the all-in-one toolkit to achieve your marketing goals.

    1 Lesson (30 minutes)

    Start Understanding Marketing Hub

  • Guided Client Onboarding is the collaborative onboarding strategy designed to help HubSpot solutions partners build scalable, repeatable processes for onboarding new customers to HubSpot. With tasks and milestones across new engagement kickoffs, technical setup, departmental handoffs, and reporting, the best practices within this course are applicable for services delivery across Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub.

    10 lessons (~2 hours)

    Start Guided Client Onboarding Certification

  • Platform consulting, also known as tech stack auditing, refers to providing guidance to businesses that seek to maximize their platform apps' utility and success. Every business uses a variety of technologies in their day-to-day work, but most businesses miss out on opportunities to get the most out of their technology platform. In this lesson, learn how to design a platform consulting process that maximizes utility and minimizes inefficiencies.

    4 lessons (~2 hours 30 minutes)

    Start Platform Consulting Certification

  • This certification offers a deep dive into becoming a strategic advisor, project manager and, growth planner when executing the Objectives-Based Onboarding methodology for HubSpot Solutions Partners. Learn how to how onboard your customer as HubSpot does by making your customer’s priorities, your priorities during onboarding, so that you can both accomplish your goals faster.

    7 lessons (~3 hours)

    Start Objectives-Based Onboarding Certification

  • By using reporting, you'll always be learning about your leads, prospects, and customers, including what motivates them and the types of information they value the most. This data can act as insight or inspiration to inform future marketing campaigns and help your company grow better. In this lesson, you'll learn about how the Marketing Hub reporting tools can help you measure success and optimize your marketing efforts.

    1 lesson (~30 minutes)

    Start Understanding Reporting in Marketing Hub Lesson

  • *For waiving onboarding* Having an organized project management process for Marketing Hub implementation, a more robust onboarding plan for new customers, and recommended strategies and best practices from HubSpot’s onboarding team will ensure early value is realized, user adoption is achieved, and long-term success is realized for both solutions partners and their managed customers. In the Marketing Hub Implementation certification, learn how to establish scalable project management processes, adhere to implementation best practices, and convey the unique value proposition of HubSpot's Marketing Hub.

    3 lessons (~3 hours)

    Start Marketing Hub Implementation Certification

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