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Learning Path for HubSpot Solutions Partners

This learning path will teach you how to build effective, unique marketing strategies and campaigns for your clients with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub by applying best practices, selecting best-fit tools, and leveraging Marketing Hub’s powerful features. If you’re a solutions partner new to Marketing Hub or eager to take a deeper dive into its features and tools to delight your clients, this learning path is for you!

Learning Path Details

Estimated time to complete

20.5 Hours

Experience Level


For solutions partners who want to:
  • Learn to build effective marketing strategies and campaigns with HubSpot Marketing Hub.
  • Attract and convert leads by creating valuable, tailored content and experiences.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Marketing Hub’s powerful tools and features.
This Learning Path includes:
  • Inbound Marketing Certification Course
  • Build a Marketing Campaign in Marketing Hub Starter Course
  • HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Course
  • Marketing Made Easy with Marketing Hub Enterprise Course
  • Exploring HubSpot Marketing Contacts Lesson
  • Managing Your HubSpot Account as an Admin Course
What will you be able to do?
  • Create and manage powerful marketing campaigns. 
    Manage marketing contacts.
  • Attract and convert leads, and report on your efforts.
  • Create an Account-Based Management campaign.


Learning Path Playlist

We’ve curated a collection of educational content to teach you about all things
Marketing Hub.

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