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Learning Path for HubSpot Solutions Partners

No one has a greater impact on the success of an agency and their clients than account managers. Embark on this path to gain the skills and tools you need to effectively build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with HubSpot clients.

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Learning Path Details

Estimated time to complete

2 weeks


All levels of experience

This path is for:

  • Account Managers serving HubSpot clients
  • Agency owners at HubSpot Solution Partners
  • New hires or those new to an account management role at HubSpot Solution Partner agency




What will you be able to do?

Here are just a few things you will be able to do after completing this learning path


Create strategy plans that help you map your engagement, manage expectations, and achieve your client's goals.




Deliver and demonstrate value to your clients to build long-term relationships and trust.

leads (1)-1

Develop new business from existing clients and identify new sales opportunities.

Learning Path Curriculum

Our expertly picked curation of education to turn you into an Account Manager for all to admire

  • Discover the fundamentals of the inbound methodology and the flywheel and learn how to apply them to your business. The Inbound Certification Course teaches you how to run a successful inbound business, from marketing to sales to services.

    7 lessons - 15 videos (1:54 hours)

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  • The Client Management course will teach you how to effectively manage your clients during each lifecycle stage - from onboarding to upselling.

    *Must be a HubSpot Solutions Partner to access

    5 Lessons - 15 videos (1:00 hours)

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  • The Delivering Client Success course will help you improve your client delivery process. In addition to the on-demand videos, you’ll receive resources such as templates and questionnaires to help you put what you learn into practice.

    *Must be a HubSpot Solutions Partner to access

    4 lessons - 12 videos (1:00 hours)

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  • In this course, you’ll learn how to successfully onboard your inbound retainer clients. Learn how to run a successful kickoff for your clients, complete the technical setup of HubSpot, establish client’s handoff processes, implement quick wins, properly set up each HubSpot Hub, effectively report on success, and conduct a portal audit to improve your client’s HubSpot usage.

    10 lessons - 29 videos (2:00 hours)

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  • This course walks through service expansion and what it means for your firm, your clients and your growth. Learn how to define and customize your expanded services, strengthen your capabilities for delivery, and identify the right prospects. You will also learn how to open the sales conversation to help your clients grow better.

    *Must be a HubSpot Solutions Partner to access

    3 lessons - 14 videos (2:23 hours)

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  • Here are your suggested next steps depending on the primary services that your agency offers.

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