Sales Hub Software for Solutions Partners

This learning path is designed to empower you to master the functionality in HubSpot Sales Hub to effectively manage sales pipelines and accelerate sales velocity—for both your own organization and your clients' sales teams. By understanding the capabilities of each tier of Sales Hub, utilizing the powerful tools within Sales Hub, and implementing proven frameworks and sales strategies, you'll develop the necessary skills to start conversations, deepen relationships, and manage revenue generating activities. Whether you're new to Sales Hub, or have already gained experience, you can bolster your understanding of the product and associated strategies with these foundational learning materials.

Learning Path Details

Estimated time to complete

Approximately 23 hours


Beginner, Intermediate

This path is for those who want to:
  • Learn the foundational components of Sales Hub and implement their sales process in HubSpot
  • Learn how the sales analytics tool can help you identify coaching opportunities for individual sellers and for your team.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Sales Hub’s powerful tools and features.
This Learning Path Includes:
  • Inbound Sales Certification Course
  • HubSpot Sales Software Certification Course
  • Forecasting and Analytics in Sales Hub Lesson
  • Using Sales Hub's Sales Content Tools Lesson
  • Marketing the Basics of Sales Hub Starter Course
  • Sales Hub Starter Onboarding Lesson
  • Sales Enablement Certification Course
  • Frictionless Sales Certification Course
Learning Path Topics:
  • Inbound Sales
  • Sales Hub Software
  • Sales Content Tools


Learning Path Playlist

We’ve curated a collection of educational content to teach you about all things
Sales Hub.

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