Value-Based Selling

Effectively implement value-based selling of HubSpot products as a solutions partner.

This learning path presents both foundational and intermediate principles solutions partners need to effectively implement value-based selling. Learners can expect to cover foundational selling strategies and product specific applications through blogs, HubSpot Academy lessons, courses, and certifications.

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Learning Path Details

Estimated time to complete

Approximately 18+ hours



This path is for those who want to:

  • Build the foundational skills of value-based selling for all HubSpot products.
  • Scale up their business and increase selling expertise.
  • Align their sales process with their buyers’ needs.




Learning Path Topics

This learning path will review the following focus areas:

Key principles of value-based selling



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Aligning processes and goals to buyers’ needs

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Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub Demos

Learning Path Curriculum

We’ve curated a collection of educational content to teach you about all things
Value-Based Selling.

Take a closer look at value-based selling, explore its principles, check out the value selling framework, and go over some examples of what it might look like in practice.

1 Article (10-minute read)

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Dive into what the Sandler Selling System is and how to implement it on your team. Plus, learn tips on how to successfully incorporate the Sandler System into your own team's processes from Rebecca Schmidt, Sandler's VP of Sales Technology Practice.

1 Blog Post (20-minute read)

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The identify phase of the inbound sales framework is vital for Solutions Partner, and the more qualified leads you’re able to identify, the more potential business you can win. But even the best partners need a lot of leads to close a single deal. This lesson will focus on increasing both the quality and quantity of your leads. First, you’ll learn how to identify and prioritize the right kind of leads. Then, you’ll learn lead generation strategies so you can generate more of them.

2 Lessons (1 hour and 5 minutes)

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In the second phase of the frictionless selling framework, you'll focus on aligning your team with your target buyer. The sad truth is that most buyers don't trust salespeople. As the leader of your sales organization, learn how to create a sales process that prioritizes your buyer's needs and encourages your salespeople to help and respect their customers.

1 Lesson (25 minutes)

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The explore phase is one of the most, if not the most, important parts of a partner's sales process. The exploratory call is the first scheduled meeting with your prospect and your first chance to do in-depth discovery. In this lesson, you’ll learn the steps to running an effective exploratory call. You’ll also learn how to excite your prospects about your services and have a comprehensive framework to assess mutual fit.

2 Lessons (~2 hours)

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This lesson is built for solutions partners, with the goal of educating your team on how to position the HubSpot CRM platform at the forefront of the sales process. This lesson is designed to teach you the same concepts that we teach our direct sales team. We teach this lesson through video, demonstrations, real-world examples, and customizable templates. This lesson is ideal for sales leaders and salespeople at solutions partner organizations.

1 Lesson (1 hour)

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Platform consulting, also known as tech stack auditing, refers to providing guidance to businesses that seek to maximize their platform apps' utility and success. Every business uses a variety of technologies in their day-to-day work, but most businesses miss out on opportunities to get the most out of their technology platform. In this lesson, learn how to design a platform consulting process that maximizes utility and minimizes inefficiencies.

3 Lessons + Exam (2 hours 30 minutes)

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Explore HubSpot’s marketing tools - including email marketing - to see how HubSpot and MailChimp compare side-by-side. 

1 Blog Post (25 minute read)

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This page compares two of the top rated CRM platforms - HubSpot and Salesforce - to help you decide which CRM and sales software is right for your growing business.

1 Blog Post (45 minute read)

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Leading an effective value-based Sales Hub demo can be a critical step in enhancing your sales process. In this lesson, you'll learn the benefits and impact a value-based demo can have on your prospects and your business.

7 Lessons (4 hours)

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Leading an effective value-based Marketing Hub demo can be a critical step in enhancing your sales process. In this lesson, you'll learn the benefits and positive impact a value-based demo can have on your prospects and your business.

7 Lessons (4 hours)

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As a HubSpot partner, you are helping your clients to grow better with the flywheel. In this lesson, you will master the delivery of a Service Hub demo and be able to educate your clients on the value of service hub features and an all-in-one approach to customer service.

1 Lesson (40 minutes)

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