HubSpot User Groups FAQ

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HUG Leader Application

What is the goal of the HUG program?

HUGs are a valuable and educational resource for HubSpot customers to learn about inbound marketing and HubSpot software best practices. HUG members get to share their success stories, partake in discussions, and network with other HubSpot customers to build a strong HubSpot community in their local city.

How much of a time commitment is required?

To run a successful and valuable HUG, the HUG leader should commit about 5 hours per week to maintain the group. This includes updating the HUG website, engaging with members in the LinkedIn group, planning upcoming meetups, and promoting upcoming meetups.

I am new to HubSpot, can I still lead a HUG?

We ask that you are a HubSpot customer in good standing for a least 6 months before becoming a HUG leader. We want to ensure that our HUG leaders are experienced and comfortable with the HubSpot software.

Can I lead a HUG if I am a HubSpot Partner?

Yes, of course! We just ask that our HubSpot Partners follow the HUG guidelines to ensure that these groups remain an education resource for our customers. HUGs are not to be used as a direct method to drive leads or traffic to your website.

Can I have a co-leader?

Yes you can and we highly recommend it! Having 1 or 2 people help you manage the HUG is beneficial for both you and the group.

How many customers are in my area?

HubSpot will research the amount of customers in your area and provide you with a list of accounts by city. Since you know the surrounding towns better than we do, you can highlight the towns within 1hour driving distance. From there we will determine if there are enough customers in your area to start a HUG. 

What is the ideal number of customers needed to start a HUG?

At least 20 customer accounts within 1 hour traveling distance is ideal.

How does HubSpot support the HUG program?

HubSpot will help you promote your HUG through a variety of ways, including email sends, our HUG resource page, social media, etc. To learn more, review our HUG guidelines

My state/country is rather small. Can I start a HUG for the entire state/country?

Sorry no, HUGs need to be city specific. Even though your state/country may be small at this moment, we have no doubt that the number of HubSpot customers will grow, and we don’t want to limit the opportunities for other HUGs to start. 

How do I become a HUG leader?

To start, please fully read the HUG guidelines here to ensure you accept the terms of the program. You can then apply to lead a HUG here.

Starting a HubSpot User Group

Can I access the list of customers in my area?

Due to HubSpot’s privacy policy, we are unable to give you access to the list of HubSpot customers in your area. To start, HubSpot will send an email notifying them of your HUG along with promoting your first HUG meetup.

How do I set up the HUG LinkedIn group?

Each HUG has a LinkedIn group for members to join and share ideas. View the “how to manage your HUG’s LinkedIn group” resource page.

Do I set up the LinkedIn group or does HubSpot?

HUG leaders are responsible for creating their HUG’s LinkedIn group and logo. Once the LinkedIn group is created, email us ( the link so your HUG can be added to the HUG resource page.

How do I create my HUG logo?

The HUG logos are meant to visually represent your city and act as the first introduction to your HUG members. The HUG logo needs to be 100x50px to fit LinkedIn’s standards. Check out our HUG logo image vault to start designing your logo.

Can I connect with other HUG leaders to get ideas?

The best way to connect with other HUG leaders is on the HUG leader LinkedIn group. Here you can share ideas, ask questions, and receive important updates from HubSpot. Keep in mind that this is a private group for HUG leaders only. Join the HUG leader LinkedIn group

HUG Branding

What needs to be included in my HUG title?

The name of your HUG should include “CITY HubSpot User Group” or “HubSpot User Group CITY”. As a reminder HUGs cannot be named after an entire state or country, it must be a city/town/region. Be sure to clearly state your HUG’s goals and that the group is run to discuss inbound marketing and HubSpot best practices.

I run another marketing group in my area, can I combine them?

Although that may seem like a good idea and a way to save time, the answer is no. By combining two different groups, the group expectations become unclear and this can lead to a bad experience for our customers. HUGs are meant to teach our customers about inbound marketing and HubSpot best practices and provide them with a way to connect with other HubSpot users in their area.

Can I promote my HUG to other marketing groups that I run?

Yes, if you feel that the members of your other group would benefit from attending a HUG.

Can I promote my HUG on my company’s website or social media channels?

Yes, if you’re company’s network will benefit from a HubSpot user group, feel free to promote it.

Building a HUG Website

Will HUG leaders receive HubSpot to build a website?

All HUG leaders will receive our Enterprise Edition software to use solely for their HUG. They are encourage to build a mini HUG website in order to collect HUG member information and better market to their members.

When do I get my HUG Enterprise Edition?

You will receive an email from HubSpot alerting you that your HUG Enterprise edition is ready within 2 weeks of you completing the HUG leader training. 

Are there any guidelines I should follow?

Yes, there are guidelines for all HUG leaders to follow while they build out their HUG website. Download the HUG Enterprise Edition guidelines here.

Can I change my HUG’s domain/url?

The domains are final and cannot be changed.

Can I use this portal to complete HubSpot’s certifications?

We do not recommend that you use the HUG Enterprise Portal to complete any of the HubSpot certifications (Partner, COS, HubSpot, or Inbound). These certifications are directly associated with the portal you complete them on and if you ever move on from leading a HUG, you will not be able to take the certification badges with you. Also, some certifications, such as the Partner certification, require participants to use a self-purchased portal.

Planning a HUG meetup

How do I pick a meetup location?

If you have a large enough office space or conference room, that will work best. If you have to rent a space, look for something low cost and casual. Some examples are coffee shops, schools, hotels, restaurants, and breweries.

Which day of the week do you recommend?

We recommend picking a date that is mid-week. Be aware of major holidays as people tend to travel, which can affect your attendance. Your best bet would be to choose a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday date.

What time of day works best?

There is no secret formula when it comes to planning HUG meetups. It all depends on what works best for your members. Most HUGs usually meet after work starting around 6PM. Other HUGs have held breakfast meetups and lunch meetups.

If I have to rent a space, will I get reimbursed?

Yes! We reimburse HUG leaders for up to $10 per head to help cover meetup costs.

How long should the meetup be?

To be respectful of the members time, the meetups generally last anywhere from 1-2.5 hours.

What topic works best for a first meetup?

Each HUG is different in how they run their first meetup. Some hold a get-to-know-you meetup consisting of mostly networking and discussing the goals of the group. Others discuss high-level inbound marketing topics, such as social media or SEO.

Is there a sample meetup agenda?

There is a suggested agenda, you are welcome to use as a guide. Suggested HUG meetup agenda.

Are non-HubSpot customers welcome to attend?

All are welcome to attend as long as they are interested in the topic at hand and bring value to the meetup.

How do I request a HubSpot guest speaker to attend my meetup?

Select the “request a HubSpot guest speaker” check box on the “alert us of your meetup” form. Please give me at least 5 weeks notice. I will do my best with specific employee requests, but they are never guaranteed.

HUG Meetup Promotion

How far in advance should I start promoting the meetup?

We recommend giving yourself 4-5 weeks of promotion. This gives the customers in the area plenty of notice and helps maintain your attendance numbers.

How do I alert HubSpot of my meetup?

We have a form for HUG leaders to fill out each time they have an upcoming meetup planned. This notifies us of your meetup so HubSpot can help promote it and put it on the HUG calendar.

What are the best practices for promoting my meetup?

Promote your upcoming meetup to all marketing professionals in your area via the appropriate social channels. Download the “How to Promote Your HUG” ebook

Will HubSpot send an email promoting my meetup to customers in the area?

Yes, we will craft an email once per year promoting your upcoming meetup and send it to our customers in the area. The email will include 2 links to register for the event and one link to join your HUG’s LinkedIn group.

How many email can I request HubSpot to send?

We can send 2-3 emails per year per HUG in addition to the first email sent for brand new HUGs. If you want another email send from HubSpot, please request the email send 3 weeks in advance by emailing us at Last minute requests will not be honored.

Can I use my HUG’s HubSpot Enterprise Edition to promote my event?

Certainly, and we encourage you to! Please set up email announcements, reminders, and follow-ups for each HUG meetup. Promote your HUG meetups via the HUG blog and any HUG social channels you have created.

Post Meetup Actions

How do I get reimbursed?

HubSpot will reimburse HUG leaders for up to $10 per head. Check out our how to get reimbursed FAQ page to learn more.

How should I follow up with my members?

Share any relevant meetup information in your HUG’s LinkedIn group, social channels, send a follow up email, or post a blog recapping the event Be sure to send any photos or video from the event to me so HubSPot can share your success as well.

Is it too soon to start planning the next meetup?

Never, in fact, it is better to have the dates picked out in advance so members can have then on their calendar. Try to set a goal to announce the next meetup date at every meetup. The more time you have to plan your meetup, the more successful it will be.