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    Tony is the VP of Marketing at AIIM International. He specializes in inbound marketing and has a passion for customer experience. He loves to travel as much as possible. When he’s home, he enjoys hanging out with his pug Ronnie and listening to punk music.

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    The Boston HubSpot User Group is an impassioned community of inbound marketers. We meet quarterly at the HubSpot HQ in Cambridge to discuss marketing trends and learn best practices. Events are free and lots of fun!

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    Analytics, SEO
    Dec 5, 2018

    From the INBOUND Stage to the Boston HUG In September, 20,000 marketers and sales professionals from all over the world descended on Boston for HubSpot's INBOUND conference - three days of world class learning. We're so excited to bring two of the most popular talks at Inbound to the Boston HubSpot User Group. Avoiding Analysis Paralysis: How to Leverage Data-Driven Decision Making to Drive Inbound Growth w/ Amanda Nielsen, New Breed An abundance of trackable metrics is both a blessing and a curse. This surplus of measurable data presents a critical dilemma: it seems that we have more data than we know what to do with. But you don’t have to fall victim the to the dreaded “Analysis Paralysis.” When it comes to marketing operations, let the data do the work. Using data-driven decision making can take the guesswork out of your marketing strategy and in turn, drive revenue and efficiency. Attendees will leave this session armed with the skills they need to leverage data-driven decision making to drive growth. Key takeaways: Identify the key metrics your business needs for revenue growth Discover how to simplify your reporting processes to increase efficiency and in turn, drive ROI Learn how to leverage different metrics to inform your strategy and promote continuous improvement Is the Keyword Dead? The New Role of Intent in SEO and Content Marketing Success w/ Everett Ackerman, New Breed As search engine analytics and formatting capabilities grow more sophisticated, SEO strategy continues to evolve. Recently, marketers have begun to embrace the idea that a successful SEO strategy should focus on more than just keywords. New SEO trends emphasize the importance of satisfying a searcher’s intent with broad topics. But what’s the difference between a keyword-driven and intent-based approach? And how does this new SEO trend change the game? Attendees will discover why and how to execute a more sophisticated SEO strategy. Key takeaways: Understand the difference between keyword-focused and intent-driven SEO strategy Learn how to incorporate the best of both strategies in a hybrid approach Find out how HubSpot’s new Content Strategy Tool can be used to create a more effective SEO and content strategy that favors intent-based keyword associations and topic clusters

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