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HubSpot User Groups (HUGs) are local meet-ups to help HubSpot users network, learn and grow. Find a HUG in your area using the directory below!

Miami, FL

  • About Your HUG Leader

    Jonathan is passionate about flying, sports, and family. He enjoys playing and watching football, (but the one you play with the foot) He is responsible for coaching clients on how to leverage content to grow their business. He has more than 10 years of experience in web development and digital marketing.

  • About This HUG

    The Miami HUG offers a great atmosphere for learning, sharing, and networking. It is a good place to meet other marketing professionals like you, eager to succeed in their organizations. Get inspired and stay up to date with the latest trends, tools, and software updates. Don’t wait long to join us, we’d love to hear your ideas, challenges, and victories!

  • Next HUG Meet-Up

    Setting up your Sales Process in HubSpot CRM
    Mar 14, 2018

    To give you a sense of what the makeup of this session will look like, this is going to be a pretty tactical introduction to getting up and running in HubSpot CRM, and we’ll touch on HubSpot Sales as well. So if you aren’t using a CRM system yet, if you are just getting started with HubSpot CRM, if you are using something else and maybe considering making a move over to HubSpot, this will hopefully be the session for you. How HubSpot Thinks About CRM Who is HubSpot CRM A Fit For Is The Time Right to Adopt A CRM? Getting to Know HubSpot CRM Getting Set Up Key Benefits

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