Sending an Email Campaign

Teach email campaigns from start to finish using HubSpot software

Use HubSpot software to teach your students about creating and launching email campaigns

  • Email marketing is a large part of marketing strategies for large and small companies alike. Reaching both existing customers and prospects through email remains one of the most powerful tools for companies to continue growing their brand and customer base. 

    This assignment will lead students through the basics of creating and launching an email campaign using HubSpot's industry-leading software. Students will also be able to analyze data about the performance of their campaign to learn more about how they can improve an email campaign.

    Join the Education Partner Program today to unlock all of the capabilities of HubSpot's software to build stronger and more effective emails. 

    • HubSpot Flywheel: Attract, Engage, Delight
    • Email Marketing
    • Calls to Action in Email Marketing
    • Automation: Sequences and Workflows

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