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Blogging on a regular basis will help you get traffic and generate leads, especially if you optimize your posts for your target keywords. Here are the top step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to blog using HubSpot:

  1. Using the HubSpot blog? Set up your HubSpot blog.
  2. Using another blogging platform? Link your external blog to Blog Analytics.
  3. Do keyword research to find what you want to blog about
  4. Write an optimized blog post
  5. Learn how to brainstorm ideas for new blog posts

Download HubSpot's blogging guides

These are the guides and worksheets created by HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Consultants, and sent to their customers to help them with their blogging strategy. Now you have access to all of them in one place!

1.  Blogging With Your Keywords Worksheet

2.  Blog Editorial Calendar

3.  20 Ways to Brainstorm New Blog Content

4.  7 Step Guide to Promoting Your Blog

5.  5 Step Guide to Guest Blogging

6.  Blogging Report Card (Worksheet)

Watch webinars on blogging

Now that you've learned the basics, it's time to learn how to blog as part of your inbound marketing strategy. You can go in order and watch everything, or browse through and find the topics most interesting to you.


6 Webinars | May 2014 & June 2013

Turn your blog into a traffic and lead-generating machine! Learn how to brainstorm new posts, how to get leads from posts, and more!

Browse examples of customers using the HubSpot blog

If you still need inspiration, here are some of the best examples of your fellow HubSpot customers using the blogging tool. Or you can browse all the blog examples.

Learn advanced blogging strategies

Now you're ready to learn more advanced blogging strategies. The next section includes the top articles for each blogging strategy, so you don't need to spend your time digging around our site to find them! Choose a topic and get started.

Brainstorming content

Recruiting bloggers

Promoting your blog