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Optimizing your website pages will help you rank for target keywords in Google and guide your site visitors along the right conversion path. Here are the top step-by-step tutorials that explain how to optimize your website using HubSpot:

  1. Learn how to use the HubSpot Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Optimize your website pages for search (SEO)
  3. Edit your website page properties for SEO purposes
  4. Identify link building opportunities
  5. Track the organic traffic coming in to your website

Download HubSpot's website optimization guides

These are the guides and worksheets created by HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Consultants, and sent to their customers to help them with their website optimization strategy. Now you have access to all of them in one place!

1.  9 Step On-Page Search Engine Optimization Guide

2.  On-Page Search Engine Optimization Worksheet

3.  Website Audit Guide

4.  Website Audit Worksheet

5.  9 Step Guide to Optimizing Your Homepage

6.  Homepage Report Card

7.  Product/Service Page Checklist


Watch webinars on website optimization

Now that you've learned the basics, it's time to learn how to incorporate optimization into your inbound marketing strategy. You can go in order and watch everything, or browse through and find the topics most interesting to you.

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The Buyer's Journey

2 Webinars | Oct 2013

Learn what The Buyer’s Journey is and how to apply it to your Inbound Marketing and sales. 


3 Webinars | Nov 2013

Learn how to use HubSpot to excel at SEO, from finding the best long-tail keywords to optimizing each of your website pages.

Site Transformation

7 Webinars | Jul - Aug 2011

Learn how to do a website audit, optimize your website's conversion paths, create a resource center, & measure your site's success!

Learn advanced website optimization strategies