HubSpot Agency Partner Certification
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General Partner Certification

Who is the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification for?

HubSpot-Partner-Certification_Half.pngThis certification is only available for HubSpot Agency Partners who have purchased Agency Onboarding and have an active Professional or Enterprise subscription of the HubSpot software for themselves. Check out our Agency Onboarding services page for more information.

How long does this certification take?

This certification includes fifteen training classes, each around 20-30 minutes in length.

How many people in my organization need to take this exam to certify the agency?

Although we encourage your entire agency to take the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification exam, only one person at your company needs to take and pass the exam to certify the entire company. You must have at least one user who is HubSpot Certified in your portal in order for any user to take the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification exam.

Does my agency have to get certified and take this exam to be a HubSpot Agency Partner?

There is no mandate to take this exam or any of the HubSpot certifications. However, if you wish to be a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner and qualify for the Tiers program, you will have to pass the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification and the HubSpot Certification.

What does being HubSpot Agency Partner Certified get me?

Upon passing the exam, you will be officially dubbed HubSpot Agency Partner Certified. You will receive a badge to use and promote on your website as well as a printable PDF to hang up somewhere at your company. You will also now be eligible for our Tiers program. If your agency is already listed in the Partner Directory, you will also now be able to promote your certification within your listing.


I'm already a certified agency - what is this and do I need to take it?

If you have already been certified you do not need to take this exam immediately (although we recommend it). Your existing badge does not expire until the 1st of the month listed on the "valid until" date on your HubSpot Agency Partner Certification badge. When you do choose to take the exam, you will receive an updated badge upon completion.

Why does our agency need to be HubSpot certified before becoming HubSpot Agency Partner certified?

In order to become HubSpot Agency Partner certified, at least one user in your HubSpot portal must be HubSpot certified. Proving that you have at least one user that is certified on their ability to use the product effectively helps ensure that our customers are getting the best help possible from our certified agencies! HubSpot Certified Agencies are expected to help service customers on the product, so it's critical that you are able to do so with proficiency. 

Do you offer company certifications?

We only offer company certifications to HubSpot Partners (Value Added Resellers). If your company is a HubSpot Partner, you can take our HubSpot Agency Partner Certification.

What is the tiers program?

The Partner Tier program is designed to acknowledge those Agency Partners who have not only brought the inbound message to the most clients but also those who executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards. We certify them as Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver accordingly. Each tier level comes with its own set of benefits for the agencies that qualify. Go here for a list of FAQs about the HubSpot Partner Program.



What tests do I need to take to be officially a certified agency?

To be an official HubSpot Certified Agency you will need to take and pass both the HubSpot Certification exam and the Partner Certification exam. You will take the HubSpot Certification first and then the Partner Certification.

I didn't pass my test! Can I take it again?

Of course! If you don't pass, you must wait 24 hours before taking the test again. (Pro tip: Use those 24 hours to study up.) Use our study guides as resources to help you prepare to rock it on the test. You can take the test up to three times before getting locked out for 30 days.

Can I save my test progress and come back later?

Nope. Once you start the test, the timer starts and cannot be paused - even if you close out of the page or your browser. You need to complete the test within one sitting.

I tried to take the test but when I logged in, it told me that I did not pass. I haven't even taken the exam! What happened?

All our certification test are timed, and the timer starts as soon as you view the first page of questions. Chances are, you started the test at a previous time but closed out of it before finishing. While the test timer keeps running regardless of if you still have the test window open, the system can't send notifications of expired time while you're not currently logged in. Thus, you'll receive notification of not passing the exam upon returning to the page. 

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience! The test will unlock itself 48 hours after you received the notification that your time expired.

I passed but think I can get a better score! Can I take it again?

We don't currently offer retakes for folks who have already passed the test. Raw test scores aren't displayed anywhere, though, so if you pass, you pass!

You calculated my score wrong, and I should have passed.

When we calculate your score, we look at incorrect answers / number of questions, instead of averaging the percentage scores for each section. The problem with the second method is that not all sections have the same number of questions, and so the percentages aren't all weighted the same. If, after taking another look at your score using the above formula, things still seem off, let us know at

I never received an email after taking the test.   

If you've ever unsubscribed from any HubSpot email, you may not receive certification-related email. If you'd like to re-subscribe to only certifications-related email, please follow the instructions found on this help article.

Can you reset my password? The reset isn’t working.

Unfortunately, there's no way for us to reset your password. However, you can create a new user or account with the correct email address and if necessary, we can transfer any existing certification to that new account. You can also submit a web ticket with our friendly Support team, and they will get back to you with help within one business day.    

Badge & Certificates 

What's the difference between the badge and the certificate?

The badge is a PNG image that you can place on your own website. Show off those outstanding inbound skills! The certificate is a printable PDF. Put it on your fridge. Frame it. Laminate it and eat your breakfast on it in the morning. It's up to you!

Can I change the name of my company on my certification badge?

Yep! In order to do so, touch base with your point of contact at HubSpot and they can get that request submitted for a new badge.

Why does the badge have my company's name instead of my own?

When passing the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification exam, it signifies that your company is a certified agency hence why the badge has the company name instead of an individual's name.

Can I move my certification to a different email address?

Yes, if your new email address is a user within your partner portal. Please keep in mind, as our terms of service indicate, a Partner Certification cannot be transferred to another company or agency, even if the individual that actually completed the certification is engaged by such other company or agency.

If your situation fits the criteria mentioned above, please contact our Support team (1 88 HUBSPOT, extension 3) to request a certificate transition.

What's the best way to show off my badge?

Your badge represents all the hard work you put in towards earning a certification - and not to mention your inbound and agency operations expertise. Show it off! Here are a few of the ways you can demonstrate your expertise:

  • Add it to your website. You can use the badge embed code to add your badge to the HTML of your site, or upload the image. 
  • Display your badge to inbound marketers across the world in the community. This actually happens automatically when you create an account with the same email you used to become certified.
  • Add your badge to your email signature! 
  • Add your badge to your LinkedIn profile, or upload your certification by using the "Add to profile" feature. This can increase your profile views by up to six times. The "Add to profile" link will easily add your certification to your profile. Below, find an image pointing to where you should select to add your Certification to your profile.

How do I embed the badge on my website?

After you pass your certification test, you'll be given your embed code.        


You can copy that code and paste it onto your website, anywhere you would like the badge to show up. If you're unsure how to do that, you can reach out to and we'll help.        

How do I resize this badge?

If you're familiar with HTML, you can edit the embed code. Look for the img tag and add in your height and width parameters. 

Can I have a high-resolution version of the badge?

In short, no. To preserve the quality and consistency of the design, the badge that you are provided upon passing the exam is the badge available to use. You can either embed it using the code provided or right-click it and save it. 



How can I connect with other certified marketers?

Great idea! There are a couple of ways to sync up with other certified HubSpot Agency Partners.

How can I see who's passed one of your certifications?           

Head over to, you'll be able to network and connect with other members of the inbound community across the world. If they've passed one of our certifications, you'll see it listed right on their member profile. You'll also get a window into what they've been saying and sharing - a great indicator of their inbound expertise!

Can I use your slides in my own presentation, or blog about the certification?

You sure can! Please credit HubSpot where appropriate. You can download slides from each class on the class pages. Look on the right-hand side of the page for the link "Download Slides", located under "Class Resources".

And if you're thinking about blogging about it, we strongly encourage it! If you do, please remember to include a link back to the certification program itself, and again, credit HubSpot's content where appropriate. 


Why does my certification expire after two years?

The world of inbound is evolving at a very rapid pace. As the tools marketers have available in their toolboxes change, so does how we go about doing inbound. We'll be updating our classes and exam to keep up with these changes, so you'll need to get re-certified to demonstrate that you know just what inbound is all about on a yearly basis.

And this isn't too uncommon. This model is similar to Google or other marketing certification programs. Our certification programs consider how quickly the Internet and its marketing tools change - we want to make sure we are giving marketers the most up-to-date credentials as possible. That standard will help us to keep the certification truly valuable to its award recipients.

I received an email saying there’s a new version of one of my certifications available, but then it says I’ll get access to it in 30 days. Which is right?

While you have access to the updated certification classes and study guide right now, you cannot yet access the new test. This is because once you've passed, you're not permitted back into the test until one year from your test pass date. Feel free to review the new certification content right now, but keep in mind that you’ll only be able to access the test in 30 days.

If I have X days left before expiration but re-certify now, will it extend 25 months from the original expiration date or the re-certification?

Your new certification badge will extend 25 months from the re-certification date, not your original certification date. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to access the new certification test until 60 days from your expiration date.

I no longer have an active subscription for HubSpot software, can I still renew my Partner Certification?

If your agency does not have an active HubSpot software subscription, either for your own business or for a client you manage on HubSpot, you will not be able to renew your HubSpot Agency Partner Certification.

For more information about HubSpot's Certification Expiration Policy, check out this page.

Feedback & Support: 

I noticed a spelling or grammatical mistake.

We'd love to hear about it. Please email us at so that we can fix it right away.

I am looking for another certification and can't find it. Where are they listed?

HubSpot Academy offers a host of free certification courses for marketers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, web designers, and HubSpot agencies. View all certifications >

Partner-Specific Questions

How long will it take for my agency to appear in the Partner Directory for a particular certification?

It should happen within a day. You will just need to make sure that the person who was certified is a user on your HubSpot portal.

*Please note: Only tiered partners will be listed in the agency services section of the Partner Directory.

Are there any special terms that apply to HubSpot Partners?

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the HubSpot Agency Partner Certification can only be completed by HubSpot Partners that have purchased Agency Onboarding and have passed the HubSpot Certification.
  • No Partner can be listed as HubSpot Agency Partner Certified without having previously passed the HubSpot Certification.
  • Maintaining an active HubSpot Agency Partner Certification or HubSpot Design Certification may be required to access certain features, and there may be pre-requisites to completing these or other certifications as we further describe on                           
  • A HubSpot Agency Partner Certification cannot be transferred to another company or agency, even if the individual that actually completed the certification is engaged by such other company or agency.

Other Terms and Conditions

Are there any other terms or rules I should know about?

Yep, read on.

  • First off, we reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of the HubSpot Academy, or its certifications after any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms as modified. If you don’t agree with these terms, you shouldn’t use the HubSpot Academy or its certifications.                   
  • If we provide you with a certification badge, certificate or other associated content, you may not alter the intended meaning or appearance of such certification badges, certificates, or associated content in any way.
  • Unless we otherwise agree in writing, no HubSpot Academy content (certifications included) can be sold or used for profit by you or your company or agency.
  • We will not release information about whether or not you have taken a test, how you performed, whether or not you submitted a practicum, or other items related to your certification performance without your permission.  This also means that if you are looking to understand how someone else performed on a certification, you’ll have to ask him or her directly, or get his or her permission to have this information sent to you.
  • All certification participants must abide by all the other rules and criteria listed here on this page or otherwise applicable.                   
  • We may change the name or appearance of any certification badge as necessary and you must use the most up-to-date version.          
  • Unless otherwise specified, all certification badges expire one year from the end of the month following when they were granted. Certification participants will need to renew their certification status on or prior to this expiration in order to retain access to the certification badge. For more information about HubSpot's Certification Expiration Policy, check out this page.                
  • We might change access to certifications, requirements for pre-requisites for certifications, discontinue certifications, or elect to charge a fee for certifications at any time.
  • Unless otherwise specified, any practicum submitted that does not expressly meet the parameters set out on the practicum submission page will be rejected.                   
  • Unless otherwise specified, no certification with a practicum component will be granted unless we have approved that practicum.                                             

I have a question that wasn't answered above.

Let us know. As new questions come in, we'll continuously update this page. You can email with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.