Inbound Certification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    General Inbound Certification Questions

  • The Inbound Certification is a free online marketing course that is open to anyone and everyone. From college students to entrepreneurs to marketing professionals, the Inbound Certification helps you stay on top of the latest trends in the inbound world.

    The free inbound training is comprised of 12 classes that vary from 10 -45 minutes. The content spans the entire Inbound Methodology from how to attract visitors with content and website optimization, to how to convert visitors into leads, close leads into customers and then delight those customers into promoters. Each class covers the high-level best practices and fundamentals of these individual components of the methodology.

  • Marketers, business owners, students, CEOs, start-ups - anybody who is looking for the big picture of how inbound can help them to attract visitors, convert leads, close customers, and delight customers into promoters. 
  • This certification includes twelve pre-recorded training classes tied to the Inbound Methodology. Each class is around 20-40 minutes in length.
  • Feel free to contact our @HubSpotAcademy handle on Twitter.

    Test Questions

  • Of course! If you don't pass, you must wait 24 hours before taking the test again. (Pro tip: Use those 24 hours to study up.) Use our study guides as resources to help you prepare to rock it on the test.

    You can take the test up to five times before getting locked out for 30 days.

  • Our goal is to give everyone an equal opportunity when taking the exam, thus we do not share the questions and answers from the exam, even if completed. 
  • Nope. Once you start the test, the timer starts and cannot be paused - even if you close out of the page or your browser. You need to complete the test in one sitting.
  • All our certification test are timed, and the timer starts as soon as you view the first page of questions. Chances are, you started the test at a previous time but closed out of it before finishing. While the test timer keeps running regardless of if you still have the test window open, the system can't send notifications of expired time while you're not currently logged in. Thus, you'll receive notification of not passing the exam upon returning to the page. 

    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience! The test will unlock itself 24 hours after you received the notification that your time expired.

  • We don't currently offer retakes for folks who have already passed the test. Raw test scores aren't displayed anywhere, though, so if you pass, you pass!

  • When we calculate your score, we look at incorrect answers/number of questions, instead of averaging the percentage scores for each section. The problem with the second method is that not all sections have the same number of questions, and so the percentages aren't all weighted the same.
  • Each test question is designed to test your knowledge of inbound methodology. Topics are pulled directly from the key points laid out in each of our eleven preparatory classes. Yes, they're tough. But that certificate means something special, so it ought to be hard to get one.

  • If you've ever unsubscribed from any HubSpot email, you may not receive the certification-related email. If you'd like to re-subscribe to only certifications-related email, you can do so by following the directions in the following article:

    Content Questions

  • Nope. As long as you have your login information, you are able to login to view the content and access the exam.
  • The last version of the Inbound Certification was launched on May 1st.  We put a lot of emphasis on updating the content to be the most recent best practices, examples, stories and statistics from around the web. We also update it so we are able to update our teaching style to incorporate suggestions from customers, exam-takers, HubSpotters and anyone who has gone through the certification in some capacity. 

  • Yes, you sure can. While you can watch the videos directly on your desktop, you're also able to watch them on your phone. If you have iTunes, you can subscribe to, or download, the videos from the Inbound Certification video podcast

    Badges & Certificates

  • Absolutely! The only caveat is that the address you’re moving certifications TO must currently be associated with a HubSpot Portal of some kind. Either add the address you’d like to move your certifications TO as a user in an existing portal or create a free account here.        

    Once you’ve made sure the address you’re moving your certifications to is associated with a HubSpot portal of some kind, fill out this form to get your certification swapped.

    Oh and a friendly reminder that according to the Terms and Conditions, the Inbound Certification badge must include an individual's name.  Companies or agencies are not permitted to put their company or agency name on a certification badge. 

  • Yep! In your HubSpot account, when you change your name in Settings (when logged into your account, select your name in the top-right, then "Settings"), that will also update the name on your certification badge and certificate.
  • The badge is a PNG image that you can place on your own website. Show off those outstanding inbound skills! The certificate is a printable PDF. Put it on your fridge. Frame it. Laminate it and eat your breakfast on it in the morning. It's up to you!
  • Your badge represents all the hard work you put in towards earning a certification - and not to mention your inbound expertise. Show it off! Here are a few of the ways you can demonstrate your expertise:

    • Add it to your website. You can use the badge embed code to add your badge to the HTML of your site, or upload the image. 
    • Display your badge to inbound marketers across the world in the community. This actually happens automatically when you create an account with the same email you used to become certified.
    • Add your badge to your email signature! 
    • Add your badge to your LinkedIn profile, or upload your certification by using the "Add to profile" feature. The "Add to profile" link will easily add your certification to your profile. Below, find an image pointing to where you should select to add your Certification to your profile.

  • After you pass your certification test, you'll be given your embed code.  


    You can copy that code and paste it onto your website, anywhere you would like the badge to show up.

  • If you're familiar with HTML, you can edit the embed code. Look for the img tag and add in your height and width parameters.
  • We only offer company certifications to HubSpot Partners (Value Added Resellers). If your company is a HubSpot Partner, you can take our Partner Certification.


  • Head over to, you'll be able to network and connect with other members of the inbound community across the world. If they've passed one of our certifications, you'll see it listed right on their member profile. You'll also get a window into what they've been saying and sharing - a great indicator of their inbound expertise!

  • You sure can! Please credit HubSpot where appropriate. You can download slides from each class on the class pages, right underneath the video. Look for a grey button that says "Download Slides."

    And if you're thinking about blogging about it, we strongly encourage it! If you do, please remember to include a link back to the certification program itself, and again, credit HubSpot's content where appropriate. 


  • The world of inbound is evolving at a very rapid pace. As the tools marketers have available in their toolboxes change, so does how we go about doing inbound. We'll be updating our classes and exam to keep up with these changes, so you'll need to get re-certified to demonstrate that you know just what inbound is all about on a yearly basis.

    And this isn't too uncommon. This model is similar to Google or other marketing certification programs. Our certification programs consider how quickly the Internet and its marketing tools change - we want to make sure we are giving marketers the most up-to-date credentials as possible. That standard will help us to keep the certification truly valuable to its award recipients.

  • Your new certification badge will extend 25 months from the re-certification date, not your original certification date. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to access the new certification test until 60 days from your expiration date.

  • You certainly can take the test to see where you stand, but if you don't pass, you must wait 24 hours before taking the test again. You can take the test up to three times before getting locked out for 30 days.  I highly recommend using our study guide as a resource to help you prepare to rock it on the test.

    Feedback & Support

  • We'd love to hear about it. Please contact our certifications team by filling out the following form.

  • HubSpot Academy offers a host of free certification courses for marketers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, web designers, and HubSpot agencies. View all certifications >>

    Here are some of the more relevant certifications to the Inbound Certification:

    • Inbound Sales Certification: This is similar to the inbound course, but focused on helping sales to sell the inbound way. 
    • Email Marketing Certification: Email marketing is one of the most commonly utilized channels for digital marketers today. Learn how to make the most of your contact database by sending marketing emails that people love.
    • Content Marketing Certification: This course will teach you how storytelling, content creation, repurposing, and promotion come together to build an inbound content marketing machine that grows your business, and your career.
    • View all certifications >>
  • Unfortunately, there's no way for us to reset your password. However, you can create a new user or account with the correct email address and if necessary, we can transfer any existing certification to that new account.        

    You can also submit a web ticket to our friendly Support team, and they will get back to you with help within one business day.                  


  • First, if you haven't already, we recommend adding your Inbound Certification to your LinkedIn profile, as that can increase your profile views by six times. 

    Then, head over to the community to look through the opportunities available posted on the job board.

  • Head over to and sort by profiles of people who have the Inbound Certification.
  • Nope. Though we do hope our participants learn a lot from our certifications and other stuff we offer through HubSpot Academy.    

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