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Agency Unfiltered

A biweekly web series that brings in subject-matter experts from HubSpot's agency network to have an unfiltered conversation around agency operations. New episodes available every other Wednesday starting January 2nd.

Upcoming Episodes of Agency Unfiltered

  1. Gabriel Marguglio from Nextiny MarketingJan 02, 2019
    Episode 1

    Creating Your Agency's Video Strategy

    Gabriel joins us to talk video strategy: both as a customer service tool for your agency and as a service offering for your clients. Learn how to allocate resources and develop processes to start your own scalable video strategy today.

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  2. Ryan Malone from SmartBug MediaJan 16, 2019
    Episode 2

    Building an Agency Team Structure for Scale

    Ryan discusses SmartBug’s team structure and how his agency’s org chart has changed over time to accommodate growth. We talk about team (or “pod”) structures, career pathing, and how SmartBug split up responsibilities by role.

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  3. Romi Dexter from Hype & DexterJan 30, 2019
    Episode 3

    The Power of Process Development

    Romi and her team were able to take their agency from concept to platinum HubSpot partner in only nine months. Romi shares her learnings along the way, the processes they prioritized and mapped out first, and how they approach client delivery.

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  4. Eric Baum from BluleadzFeb 13, 2019
    Episode 4

    EOS and Forecasting Your Organizational Chart

    Eric teaches us about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), what it changed operationally for Bluleadz, and how other agencies can get implement it into their firm. He then navigates the history of his org chart and what the future holds.

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  5. Daryn Smith, from MPULLFeb 27, 2019
    Episode 5

    Strategically Manage Your Team's Capacity

    Daryn talks capacity management and his recommendations for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your delivery team’s capacity. We discuss the tools his team uses, the processes they have developed, and how he takes advantage of under-capacity teams.

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  6. Ingunn Bjøru from AvidlyMar 13, 2019
    Episode 6

    How We Navigated a 4 Agency Acquisition

    Ingunn joins us to discuss how her team approached the M&A and creation of Avidly, how she knew it was time to open the discussion, and what the transformation into Avidly meant for her leadership team, her employees, her processes, and her clients.

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  7. Remington Begg from Impulse CreativeMar 27, 2019
    Episode 7

    Offering Conversational Engagement as a Service

    Remington joins us to talk through conversational engagement, how agencies leverage chat for themselves, and where they should get started. He then pivots to how agencies should position conversational strategy to their clients and how the service can be scaled.

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  8. Tommy Butcher from LyntonWebApr 10, 2019
    Episode 8

    Tips for Effectively Managing a Remote Team

    Tommy drops by to talk about managing a remote workforce. He starts at the beginning with the initial decision and the benefits they’ve seen since. He then walks through how they’ve built their internal processes to set their remote team up for success.

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  9. Jackie Hermes from Accelity MarketingApr 24, 2019
    Episode 9

    Why Agencies Need to Be More "Picky"

    Jackie teaches us the art of being “picky”, the benefits of pickiness, and the ramifications for not being picky. It can be hard to say no, agencies should be selective in the clients they bring in, in the services they offer, and in the hires they make.

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  10. Ranya Barakat from IDS AgencyMay 08, 2019
    Episode 10

    Hiring and Retaining Top Agency Talent

    All the way from Santiago, Chile, Ranya sits in to share how she’s been able to build an effective team for her agency. We talk about her candidate pipeline, her interview process, and her focus on professional development.

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  11. Darren Ratcliffe from Digitl / Six and FlowMay 22, 2019
    Episode 11

    Unlocking New Revenue with GDD

    Darren helps break down growth-driven design, the data-driven re-imagining of web design. Learn how his team transitioned from traditional web design to GDD, how he updated his processes for delivery, and what GDD has achieved for his customers.

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  12. Pete Nicholls from HubDoJun 05, 2019
    Episode 12

    Navigating the Common Marketing, Sales, and Delivery Pitfalls

    After working with agencies across the globe to help scale, Pete comes in the studio to share his tips and tactics on how to navigate the most common roadblocks agencies face around marketing, sales, and client delivery.

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  13. Christine Mortensen from Sprk'dJun 19, 2019
    Episode 13

    Developing Your Agency’s Mission

    Christine kicks of season two by talking how developing her agency’s mission. We dig into why it’s important to make an impact to society, how you can go about creating your own mission, how you get buy-in from the team, and how it impacts your go-to market.

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  14. Beth Carter from Clariant CreativeJul 03, 2019
    Episode 14

    Finding and Keeping the Right-Fit Clients

    Beth teaches us about the importance of finding right-fit clients. She shares why it’s so important to qualify for fit, how she identifies if a potential client is a right or wrong fit, and what impact this has on the client experience. We also talk about when and how it’s appropriate to move on from bad-fit clients.

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  15. Jill Wilson from Simple Machines MarketingJul 17, 2019
    Episode 15

    Driving Value with Workshops and a Niche

    In this episode, Jill drops by to discuss the value her agency has found in finding their niche. She explains how aligning around a niche can positively impact marketing, sales, and service. We then dig into running workshops and why “getting a look under the hood” is so valuable for her team.

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  16. Paul Brienza from Laughlin ConstableJul 31, 2019
    Episode 16

    Managing Increasingly Sophisticated Clients

    It’s no secret: clients have become more tech savvy and in tune with the digital landscape, which has the opportunity to add friction to your team’s ability to consult and drive strategy. Paul explains what this growth in sophistication looks like, how he has tweaked his model to account for these advancements, and how he prioritizes continuous improvement for his team.

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  17. Scott Baradell from IdeaGroveAug 14, 2019
    Episode 17

    Transitioning Your Agency from PR to Digital

    Scott sits in to teach us how he successfully made the transition from traditional PR to digital marketing. He explains why he moved from PR to a full menu of digital services, how his processes and team structure changed to account for this transition, and why PR and digital marketing are a great fit for pairing together.

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  18. Mike and Nikole Rose from Mojo Media LabsAug 28, 2019
    Episode 18

    Implementing Open Book Financial Management

    Mike and Nikole join us to talk about open book financial management: a practice in which Mojo shares their financials with the team to have everyone think like business owners. We talk about why they incorporated this financial transparency, how it’s impacted the organization, and how interested agencies can get started themselves.

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  19. Bob Afsari from Campaign CreatorsSep 11, 2019
    Episode 19

    Shattered By Embezzlement and How We Climbed Out

    As an agency CEO, Bob’s story is an interesting one: in 2016, Bob had an employee embezzle three hundred thousand dollars from his agency’s payroll account. In this episode, Bob shares this story in full and how he was able to rebuild his agency by refining his services, building more structured processes, and updating the way their source and qualify candidates.

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  20. Damien Cabral from TribalVisionSep 25, 2019
    Episode 20

    3 Programs for Improving Your Profitability

    In the season two finale, Damien shares how his agency was able to improve their profitability. Specifically, how they’ve created formalized career paths to improve employee retention, how they’ve built an expansive freelancer partner network for low cost delivery, and how they introduced a lower-tiered retainer price point to help combat client churn rates.

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  21. Travis White from NeighbourhoodOct 09, 2019
    Episode 21

    Rolling Out a Full Agency Rebrand

    Travis White, Managing Director of Neighbourhood, just recently rebranded his agency. Formally known as The Raiders, Travis talks through his motivations for a rebrand, how he knew it was time, how he handled the full rebrand process, and what the next steps are for the new brand.

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  22. Alexandria Hart from Good Joo JooOct 23, 2019
    Episode 22

    Eliminating Scope Creep

    Alexandria Hart, founder of Good Joo Joo, joins us to talk scope creep: what it is, how to avoid it, how to course correct when it happens, and how to leverage it into a conversation around extending an SOW.

  23. Sheila Mitham from Inbound FinTechNov 06, 2019
    Episode 23

    Using Thought Leadership to Boost Client Results

    Joining us this episode is Sheila Mitham: CEO of Inbound Fintech. Serving primarily in the B2B space, Sheila educates us on how she incorporates thought leadership into her client engagements to address customer pain-points and build valuable, credible content.

  24. John Elmer from Bayard BradfordNov 20, 2019
    Episode 24

    The Sales-First Approach to Marketing

    John Elmer, CEO of Bayard Bradford, leads with a sales-first approach to their marketing services. John teaches us why helping clients build the system to store, manage, and close sales opportunities is so important before driving marketing leads—and how you can help improve clients’ ROI metrics with a sales-first approach.

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Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn is a Senior Inbound Professor on HubSpot Academy and the face of the Agency Partner certification course. With Agency Unfiltered, Kevin features an agency owner having an "unfiltered" conversation around a particular operational tactic. This content will be available as an embedded video version to watch, an embedded podcast version to listen to, or a a transcribed blog version to read.

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