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Join host Isaac Moche twice a month to learn from the people who are educating the next generation of business professionals.

Dr. Josie Ahlquist of Florida State University

Dr. Ahlquist is a speaker, author, research, and educator discovering how technology and leadership intersect in the 21st century. On today's episode, we're discussing how to create and empower student leaders.


Ian Cross of Bentley University

In the age of search engines and social networks, content marketing has become critical in enabling companies to communicate with their prospects and customers. In other words, teaching content marketing is an essential part of preparing students for careers in digital marketing, public relations, and entrepreneurship.

This episode is a condensed recording of a workshop held by Prof. Ian Cross and Justin Champion, creator of HubSpot's Content Marketing Certification. Whether you teach marketing, sales, communications or entrepreneurship, their crash-course is a compelling argument for teaching content marketing in 2018, and an easy-to-follow roadmap to integrating it into your course.


Randy Harrison of Emerson College and Natalie Garrett, Account Executive at Riipen.
On this episode, we're once again joined by Randy Harrison of Emerson College as well as Natalie Garrett, Account Executive at Riipen. In the latest iteration of Randy's marketing capstone course at Emerson College, "Inbound and the Integrated Marketing Framework," he aligned his integrated marketing curriculum with inbound marketing, and gave students the opportunity to apply what they're learning at their client, Riipen.


  • Debra Zahay-Blatz
    When I got my driver's license, I couldn't really drive. It was just a license to practice, and the certifications are kind of like that. You get a chance to understand what is available in Google AdWords, but you don't really practice it until you do a campaign.

    Debra Zahay-Blatz

    St. Edwards University

  • Nate Riggs Headshot
    That really gets me excited because I think a lot of us who were on this first wave of digital professionals -- the digirati, as some people call them -- we were all self-taught. We just learned by getting in, getting our hands dirty, and clicking and figuring out. Unfortunately, that's a really slow process. Anything that that wave of professionals can do to help make it a little bit easier for the younger generation of marketers coming up to accelerate that digital learning, that's really what I think closes the skills gap.

    Nate Riggs

    Ohio University

  • Randy Harrison
    Ironically, in 2004, my students knew this kid named Mark at Harvard who was doing this Web 2.0 thing. And I spoke with Mark a couple of times to bring him into my class. They signed up for his little idea. They were probably number 10 or number 12. And it was Mark Zuckerberg, and ironically, they kind of knew what was going on well before I did, certainly.

    Randy Harrison

    Emerson University

  • Lin Humphrey
    I think of my class in three levels. In the lecture, they learn about what's the latest thinking, how digital marketing ties to what's being done out there in agencies and in the corporate world. For the skills themselves, I use certifications and materials from the best thinkers out there. Then they have to apply those skills through what we call service learning. That's where we partner with local businesses or local nonprofits to apply those skills.

    Lin Humphrey

    Florida International University

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