Teaching with HubSpot's Social Media Certification

An in-depth look at teaching with HubSpot's Social Media Certification. Featuring a conversation between Karen Freberg, Associate Professor of Communications at University of Lousiville and Crystal King, creator of HubSpot's Social Media Certification.

Join Karen and Crystal as they discuss HubSpot's new Social Media Certification. 

With insights from over 45,000 HubSpot customers and collaboration with HubSpot's network of marketing leaders and faculty, the Social Media Certification explores how social media is evolving, and how businesses can use social to attract, engage and delight their leads and customers. 

This live conversation with Karen and Crystal will cover:

  • Inside details about the certification, including an overview of the topics and lessons 
  • How to integrate the certification into your courses
  • A Q&A session with Karen and Crystal to get personal answers to questions or ideas

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