HubSpot Certified Trainer Branding Guidelines

Here at HubSpot, we want to ensure we’re serving our users around the globe in an easily recognizable way as they interact with us in our product and platforms, on the web, and even in person at our events. It just makes it easier for everyone.

As you start delivering your own inbound and HubSpot training, we’ve designed these handy set of guidelines to help us provide a positive, consistent experience for all attendees.


Event Name Use

We encourage our HubSpot Certified Trainers to host training events and workshops to spread the good word of inbound marketing and, naturally, we want to help support your event promotion. In order to prevent confusion amongst prospective attendees about the event’s host, here’s what you need to know before you give your event a name:

  • Your event cannot use “inbound” by itself or combined with another word in any capacity. Example: “Inbound Jacksonville”, “Inbound Experience” or “Inbound Summit”
  • Your event cannot include the word “inbound” as part of another word. Example: “Wisconsinbound”
  • However, you CAN use "inbound marketing" to describe your event. So, something like "Inbound Marketing Summit Ohio" would work.

HubSpot has invested a great deal in the promotion and production of the annual INBOUND event (our Partners are one of the reasons for its great success) so the preservation of the INBOUND/Inbound name use is very important for the event’s awareness and brand equity. We also strive to solve for attendees of your events and want to avoid any confusion with their perceived relation to our INBOUND conference.

Keep in mind that you’re free to use phrases like “digital marketing”, “content marketing” and just plain old “marketing” in your event name. One of those coupled with your geographic area and “summit”, “workshop” or “conference” and you’ve got the title for one can’t miss event!


HubSpot Logo Use

Sometimes it’s a no-go with our logo. For usage of the HubSpot sprocket, please refer to these trademark guidelines. Please do not modify or adjust these logos, such as using the HubSpot logo, or pieces of it (sprocket) as a part of your company logo / brand element.

HubSpot Certified Trainer Logo Use

The HubSpot Certified Trainer badge and certificate is available once you’ve successfully completed the relevant certification program. General guidelines for badges and certificates are available on the Academy FAQ page, with additional details on our certification expiration policy here.

  • You may not alter any badges or certificates that we provide you with, including changing the name or date it displays. Instructions for changing the name on your badge and certificate are available here.
  • You and your company may not sell, transfer, or use certifications for profit.
  • If you’ve got questions about a use of the Academy marks, get in touch with us at

HubSpot Provided Resources

You’ll have access to lots of slide decks and resources to help you build your own training. In order to create a consistent learning experience for attendees around the globe, here’s some guardrails:


  • Customize the provided content with your own agency’s examples.
  • Create or modify the overall style of your presentation to match your agency’s branding.
  • Create your own custom training resources and presentations.


  • Alter any HubSpot created graphics, such as the Inbound Methodology and  Buyer’s Journey.  
  • Add the HubSpot or HubSpot Academy logo to content not provided through this program.

The HubSpot Name

What’s in a name? We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers (and your customers) to know where they can go to get the best products, services, and support to empower their business growth. Naming conventions is one way we like to simplify things -- all the while keeping the integrity of the HubSpot brand -- so here’s some guidance on how to go about naming your training programs, services, communities and content in relation to HubSpot:

Programs and Services

A question you may be asking is, how can I use the name HubSpot and HubSpot Certified Trainer to showcase our partnership?

Here’s some guardrails:


  • Indicate that you’re a “HubSpot Certified Trainer” and indicate on your event marketing materials that your training is taught by a “HubSpot Certified Trainer.”
  • Capitalize the “S” in “HubSpot”. You’d be surprised at how many times that doesn’t happen. Sigh.
  • Be sure to name your training something that is distinct from HubSpot’s brand and products. Example: “Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop for Business Leaders.”


  • Modify, imitate or abbreviate any HubSpot brands or names anywhere in the naming convention. For example, “HubTraining,” “HubTrainers Program” or “HubWorkshop” would be no-gos.
  • Use your training name + “for HubSpot” or a generic description of your training + “for HubSpot”. For example, “In-person Training for “HubSpot” and “Workshop for HubSpot” wouldn’t be ok.
  • Use the same exact training name as any of the HubSpot Classroom training sessions. You can find a list of these trainings here.

Discussions and Forums

We love when our Partners create and foster online discussions, forums and general interest groups about HubSpot. However, we require you follow either of the following naming guidelines.

Preface HubSpot with “unofficial” (example: The Unofficial HubSpot Certified Trainer Group)


Specify that it’s a group or discussion for “HubSpot Certified Trainers” or “HubSpot Users” (example: HubSpot Certified Trainer Discussion Group)

In addition to conferences or events (see Events, above), the HubSpot name should not be used in naming podcasts, newsletters, blogs, ebooks, reports, or other regular content vehicles produced by the HubSpot Certified Trainer. This also includes the use of the name HubSpot in domain names such as

The Term "Inbound"

With the help of our partners, we've spread the gospel of "inbound marketing" far and wide. While we hold a trademark on the term "INBOUND" for events to make sure our annual conference is easy to distinguish, we see the term "inbound marketing" as a generic term used to cover an approach to marketing that focuses on creating great content to pull people toward a company and product, a natural opposite to "outbound marketing" tactics.

To make sure that these generic terms stay available to the whole community (even those who don't use HubSpot), we don't allow our partners to monopolize terms like "inbound" and "inbound marketing". This means that partners may not trademark those terms or enforce them against others.

If you have any questions about naming conventions involving the HubSpot brand name, please reach out to to discuss.