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  • Anrika-Pienaar

    Anrika Pienaar

    Senior Sales Strategy & HubSpot Consultant, Huble Digital

  • HubSpot Sales Hub HubSpot CRM

    English Afrikaans

  • As a seasoned sales professional, with 20 years experience in all different sales departments, the next natural step for me, was teaching, coaching and guiding.

    I am now a consultant who help clients strategise and align their sales operations & systems. Once that is done, I train their HubSpot users & leadership on the new strategy, processes and HubSpot setup.

    My style is very collaborative and I prefer facilitating, as mostly I engage with sales experts who I can learn from too. I believe one should always be inclusive and open to discussions in your training, to optimise the experience for all. Though this is my preferred style, I am equally comfortable with presenting and 1 way training to bigger audiences where there is less interaction.

    Since I am a talkative extrovert who loves people, my favourite part of training is interaction & building connections. I always walk away from training having made new connections and built out my network.