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    Barry Bullard

    Director, Client Solutions, Bayshore Solutions

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    HubSpot Marketing Hub HubSpot Sales Hub HubSpot CRM

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    Their eyes light up! That's when you know the light-bulb went off in their mind, and they "get it" and can't wait to implement it in their business and their lives to see results. That is fulfilling, and it's why my training is focused on the Learner's Experience - whether in an intimate workshop setting or a large arena-style classroom - and whether it's an IBM or a smaller enterprise - my client is the Learner who is there to learn how to do business better. Experienced in digital marketing, digital business solutions, and sales enablement, I am passionate about HubSpot and Inbound because both reflect what I have always taught about business - helpful, human, and holistic. I always aim to create and engage you with an exciting, challenging, fun, useful, effective, and entertaining learning experience that you wish would never end and that empowers you with knowledge to drive greater results!

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