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  • Shadab-Khan

    Shadab Khan

    Product Manager - RevOps, RevPartners

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  • Hello, fellow HubSpotters! They call me the "Operational Iron Chef". Why? Because I cook up juicy go-to-market strategies and roast operational improvements for our partners on the daily! My recipe? Just a pinch of data analysis, a dash of workflow mapping, and a dollop of revenue play prioritization. Voila! A feast of excellent project management and timely execution.

    Now, don't let the chef metaphor fool you. My training style is as dynamic as a game of ping pong played on a trampoline! I gobble up data models for breakfast and crunch complex workflows for lunch. For dinner? I serve up a piping hot sales pipeline and for dessert, well, dashboards are my favorite treat. My secret sauce is the ability to break down tech-speak into hilarious human language.

    Got big, scary goals? Awesome! They're my motivational smoothie. Embrace the fail-forward mindset? Welcome to the club, we have cookies! Fast-paced start-up environments are my adrenaline rush, and my problem-solving skills are as resourceful as MacGyver with a Swiss army knife.

    I'm driven by RevPartners' mission - kind of like a GPS with a caffeine addiction. I champion cross-functional collaboration and I build trust faster than a LEGO master builder. So, if you're ready for a trainer who's all about forward momentum and lives to make you a world-class organization, buckle up! We're going for a wild ride!