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  • Tomas-Kristiansen

    Tomas Kristiansen

    Head of HubSpot, Inbound

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub HubSpot Sales Hub HubSpot Service Hub HubSpot CRM HubSpot CMS

    English Norwegian

  • With almost five years in CRM and Martech, I've excelled both on the client and agency sides. As the Head of HubSpot at Inbound, I specialize in data strategy, implementation, onboarding, and facilitating a culture of learning.

    My role spans from bridging market and sales efforts to crafting engaging email nurture campaigns. Inspired by my passion for UX and design, I integrate design principles into my training style. I'm thrilled to contribute my expertise as a HubSpot Certified Trainer. My training approach emphasizes practical skills development and a deep understanding of HubSpot, making learning an enjoyable and impactful experience for all.