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Featured Presentation - INBOUND 2019 Product Announcements

Share the latest product updates, direct from the INBOUND 2019 stage, with your HUG attendees. For an overview of how to present these slides watch this short video.
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Sales Enablement in HubSpot
An overview of sales enablement, and a brief explanation of some HubSpot tools that help with it.
HubSpot Video - Presented by Vidyard
With the recent launch of HubSpot Video powered by Vidyard, video is a hot topic for HubSpot customers. Put on an exclusive HubSpot video themed HUG to help your community get up-to-speed with this presentation!
Marketing Automation for Growth
An overview of marketing automation, and a brief workshop on how to create a workflow in HubSpot.
Feedback and Advocacy
How to make your customers feel heard and valued in HubSpot.
Personalization and Using Smart Content in HubSpot
Give an overview of website personalization, followed by tips and tricks to take your website to the next level by implementing Smart Content.
Going From Funnel to Flywheel with HubSpot
Summarize the inbound methodology and the connection with the flywheel, contextualize how to think about force and friction for your business and see where HubSpot tools can start to increase force and decrease friction.
Worksheet coming soon!