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  • Abigael Donahue

    Content Editor

    Writer and editor with a passion for learning.

  • Jesse Abbruzzese - Video Editor

    Jesse Abbruzzese

    Video Editor

    Video guru with a drone hobby. Player of flag football. Driver of a remote control piñata.

  • Jo Donofrio - Videographer

    Jo Donofrio


    Filmmaker, visual storyteller, and devoted movie-goer. Will work for pizza.

  • Justin Champion - Content Professor

    Justin Champion

    Content Professor

    Storyteller, digital nomad, and wanderer. Living and working from the open road.

  • Kristen Granara - Learning and Development Specialist

    Kristen Granara

    Learning and Development Specialist

    Lifelong learner. Livin’ a life full of things she loves: sports, photos, crafts, home renos, and beer.

  • Julien Clement - Principle Certification Program Strategist

    Julien Clement

    Principal Certification Program Strategist

    Growth, analysis, and enablement. Eats food. Excellent fitted-sheet folder.

  • Crystal King - Social Media Professor

    Crystal King

    Social Media Professor

    Early social media adopter, novelist, food geek, Italophile. 100% believes cat images are the essential building blocks of the internet.

  • Kevin Dunn

    Senior Inbound Professor

    Educating and inspiring about agency growth. Eater of burritos. Not superstitious, but a little stitious.

  • Jorie Munroe - Inbound Professor

    Jorie Munroe

    Inbound Professor

    Avid reader. Coffee enthusiast. Overall bot fan.

  • Stephen Fiske - Sr Video Producer

    Stephen Fiske

    Senior Video Producer

    Producer of all Academy video content. Known for his Oscar-worthy performance in Mega Piranha.

  • Kyle Jepson - Inbound Sales Professor

    Kyle Jepson

    Inbound Sales Professor

    Lover of whiteboards, octopuses, and talking about the interactions between sales and other departments.

  • Courtney Sembler - Inbound Professor

    Courtney Sembler

    Manager, Professor Group

    Email geek, solo traveler enthusiast, and California native. Finding places to take a new adventure.

  • Christopher LoDolce - Director of HubSpot Academy

    Christopher LoDolce

    Director of HubSpot Academy

    Aging inbound geek and Waffle Wednesday creator. Empowering others. Starting nano businesses.

  • Sarah Phillips - Principal Professor

    Sarah Phillips

    Program Manager, HubSpot Certified Trainers

    Caffeine-loving, always-learning educator. Firm believer that her kitchen is for dancing.

  • Isaac Moche

    Manager, Academy Programs

    Helping schools teach students how to start, run, and grow a business.

  • Eric Peters - Sr Growth Marketing

    Eric Peters

    Senior Growth Marketing Manager

    Growth marketer. Builder of growth machines for cutting-edge technology companies.

  • Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.27.19 AM

    Rachel Sheldon - Inbound Professor

    Inbound Professor

    History aficionado. Content and design nerd. Cat mom.

  • Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.19.58 AM

    Adriti Gulati

    Inbound Professor

    Chinese food enthusiast. Spin class goer because of said Chinese food. Passionate about delivering exceptional customer service.

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