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HubSpot Workforce Development Program

Empowering learners through education, software, and micro-internship opportunities in the HubSpot network.

Our Mission

At HubSpot, we are deeply committed to workforce development and bridging the skills and paid work experience gaps. Through our Education Partner Program and Micro-Internship Program, we empower learners with the essential skills and hands-on experience required to thrive in today's dynamic workforce. We are passionate about supporting individuals on their journey to success and are proud to play a role in building a more skilled and prepared workforce for the future.

Education Partner Program

Through partnerships with 1555+ colleges and universities, the Education Partner Program provides hundreds of thousands of learners with access to HubSpot Academy certifications, software, resources, and applied learning opportunities.

UPDATE: While we are no longer accepting new applications for new education partners and professors to join, we are dedicated to continuing our support for our current partnerships and professors.


Micro-Internship Program

In partnership with Parker Dewey, the Micro-Internship Program providers learners with invaluable skills and hands-on, paid work experience. Learners receive training from industry experts and are matched with HubSpot companies to work on short-term projects (15-30 hours total) that drive business growth. Learners emerge as stronger candidates in the competitive job market with relevant work experience on their resumes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to workforce development, we are excited to announce the expansion of our program through new strategic partnerships with universities, nonprofits, foundations, and workforce development organizations.

Become a Strategic Partner Today

Join our Micro-Internship Program as a strategic partner and help bridge the skills and paid work experience gaps for learners globally.