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You can't just "set and forget" inbound marketing; there will always be more testing you can do to improve your ROI. Here are the top step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to analyze your progress and optimize accordingly:

  1. How to use the Sources report to measure your marketing campaigns
  2. A/B test landing page (Enterprise Product)
  3. A/B test your calls-to-action (Enterpries Product)


Download HubSpot marketing analytics guides

These are the guides and worksheets created by HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Consultants, and sent to their customers to help them with their analyze and test their marketing campaigns. Now you have access to all of them in one place!

1.  Monthly Marketing Report Worksheet

2.  Monthly Marketing Presentation Framework

3.  Content Performance Checklist

4.  10 Ways to use the Prospects App

Watch webinars on analyzing & testing

Now that you've learned the basics, it's time to learn how build marketing reports that will make it easy for your to measure your successes and areas for improvement. This two-part webinar series will show you how.

Analyzing Your Data Series

Analyzing your Data

2 Webinars | Dec 2012

Create monthly marketing reports using your data in HubSpot to determine your successes and opportunities for improvement.

Learn advanced analyzing & testing strategies