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Email Marketing Training
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Email marketing is how you can let your leads know about promotions relevent to their interests, or what their next step in the buying cycle should be. Read the step-by-step tutorials that will show you how to set up email campaigns in HubSpot:

  1. How to segment your leads to create email lists
  2. Create and send an email from HubSpot
  3. Create Tracking URLs for each email (if sent using another ESP)

Download HubSpot's email marketing guides

These are the guides and worksheets created by HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Consultants, and sent to their customers to help them with their email marketing strategy. Now you have access to all of them in one place!

1.  9 Step Guide to Email Marketing

2.  5 Email Testing Best Practices

3.  10 Step Guide to Creating an Email Newsletter

4.  Email Marketing Audit Worksheet

5.  Email Report Card


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Now that you've learned the basics, it's time to learn how to incorporate email campaigns into your inbound marketing strategy. You can go in order and watch everything, or browse through and find the topics most interesting to you.

Email Marketing

3 Webinars | August 2014

Learn how to segment your leads into groups and execute targetted email marketing campaigns using HubSpot.

Learn advanced email marketing strategies