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Integrate HubSpot's industry leading software into your courses

Explore the free software resources that HubSpot's Education Partner Program makes available to professors and students.

Prepare your students for the real world with real life software in the classroom

The best way for students to apply the concepts they learn is by giving them exposure to the technology that professionals are using everyday. Joining the Education Partner Program means hands-on experience with that software for your students.

Teach Website Design

Teach your students how to design web pages to educate and sell to their audience. 

Students will be able to build a powerful website with our CMS with smart content capabilities.


Teach Email Marketing

Using our email tool, you can teach students to communicate with prospective clients. 

Students will be able to write, design, and automate effective emails with their contacts.

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Teach Ad Campaigns

Track the return-on-investment of the ads your students create.

Students can use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads to create content that resonates with their audience.


Teach Social Media

By creating, scheduling, and publishing your social media posts in HubSpot, you’ll teach your students to become the social-savvy employees they’ll need to be. 

Students can track the success of their social media campaigns and expand their audience.


Teach Chatbots

HubSpot’s AI chat uses a client’s past conversations to contextualize their experience. 

It’s the new age of conversational marketing! Your students can design automated chat flows that don’t feel bot-y.


Teach Blogging

Blogs are the present and future of content marketing. Teach your students to write blogs to drive traffic to your website from Google search, social media, and beyond. 

HubSpot’s blog tool allows your students to create blog posts to promote their campaigns.


Teach SEO

Show your students that a robust content strategy builds search authority. 

Using HubSpot’s content strategy tool, students will be able to understand how search engine algorithms change and shift their marketing tactics accordingly.


Teach Lead Conversions

Tracking when strangers become clients is critical in understanding what marketing initiatives are working. 

Teach your students to A/B test headlines, images, calls-to-actions, page design, and more, to see which version drives their business forward.

Join the Education Partner Program

College and University teachers get the full $6,000/mo subscription of HubSpot software for free to use academically with their students.

*Must be teaching at an accredited higher education institution

Teach students to connect with their audience in a way that is helpful & human.

HubSpot’s CRM and lead segmentation tools allow you to contextualize the way you communicate with your audience. Rather than sending the same message to everyone, HubSpot allows you to store data using contact properties and automate the messages that certain individuals will receive in your marketing channels. Taking things a bit deeper than if you used marketing tools without a CRM to connect them.

Teach the HubSpot CRM

Building and managing relationships with customers has never been more important (and more complex) than it is today. 

Students will learn why a CRM is important in organizing information about their customers in one centralized location, capture more new leads, and grow their database.



Teach List Segmentation

Help your students create a segmentation and contact management strategy.

Students will learn why segmentation is important in helping you create and organize relationships with your clients.



Teach Automation

Teach the next frontier of automation: With HubSpot’s automation, students will learn to work smarter and not harder. 

Our tools make it easy for students to easily visualize, customize, and personalize workflows, automate dozens of tasks beyond just email, and nurture relationships on autopilot.



Use high-level reporting to see what works and how to improve on future marketing campaigns.

HubSpot helps you track the success of all your marketing channels by connecting the number of visitors, leads, contacts, and customers with the source of where they found you. Use this to show your students the metrics behind the real people they reach with their marketing.

Teach Analytics

Teach your students how to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns.

With the built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards in HubSpot, it’s easy for your students to become smarter data-driven marketers and analyze the performance of your websites and marketing campaigns


Teach Reporting

Employers are looking for students who can speak to the success of their work. How will you get them there?

With our Reporting tools, students can create hundreds of dashboards based on any metric in HubSpot's software.

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Teach A/B Testing

Teach your students that intuition isn’t enough. 

With our A/B Testing tools, students will be able to test which emails, blogs, and websites are leading to more touchpoints with clients, more visits to their website, and better use of their time.

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