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Inspire students to learn digital marketing, sales, and more with HubSpot's free classroom resources. Integrate our content — syllabi, projects and certifications — into university courses.

Class Syllabi

Inbound Marketing Syllabus

Inbound Marketing

Learn how businesses attract, convert, close and delight their customers. In this syllabus, students will integrate the Inbound Marketing certification, create buyer personas and develop appropriate content marketing strategies.

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Content Marketing Syllabus

Content Marketing

Students will learn a content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis and create content that both humans and search engines will love. Students will become stronger and more strategic content marketers.

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Inbound Sales Syllabus

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales is a powerful strategy for starting, running and growing a business. This syllabus will prepare students to sell a product or service across different business models and integrates both the Inbound Sales and Inbound Software certifications.

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Social Media Syllabus

Social Media

This syllabus will present an in-depth overview of creating an effective social media strategy. Students will examine statistics from social channels such as Instagram and Twitter, develop social media plans, and create budgets to establish buy-in from executives.

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Entrepreneurship Syllabus


This syllabus was developed with HubSpot for Startups to help students enter the world of startups using inbound marketing. Students will create content, integrate the Inbound certification, and discuss articles by HubSpot's CEO, Brian Halligan.

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EPP Knowledge Base

Digital Advertising

This syllabus will help students learn how to create a digital advertising strategy that not only drives business value, but that also delights an audience. Students will learn how content marketing fundamentals can be applied to digital advertising through learning the process of building out effective digital advertising campaigns.

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SEO Syllabus

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful strategy for starting, running, promoting, and growing a business. Working in tandem with our SEO course, this syllabus covers the fundamentals of SEO in an effort to give students the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to optimize SEO

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Case Studies & Projects

EPP Knowledge Base (26)

Brand Engagement

The way brands engage with audiences is constantly changing with new social media platforms and software tools. Help students learn an innovative approach to audience engagement and solving real business problems with our Brand Engagement case study, developed in partnership with CatalystU and Amanda Slavin

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Business Project

Teach Inbound Marketing by helping students implement best marketing practices and tools. HubSpot created this course to help students work through what a business needs to plan, build, and implement an inbound strategy.

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EPP Knowledge Base (27)

Social Media Audit

The Social Media Audit project leads students through auditing a brand's social media presence through the lens of brand engagement. Students will strengthen their understanding of how a brand can better interact with and engage their customers through social media to improve their brand's awareness and reputation.

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Building a Portfolio on HubSpot

Building a portfolio is an important part of showcasing a student's work and can give their career a boost. Download our Student Portfolio Project to help guide your students through building a portfolio using HubSpot's CMS hub

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Buyer Persona Lesson Plan

Having a strong understanding of your buyer persona(s) is critical to everything related to customer acquisition and retention: from driving content creation to sales execution to new product development.

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EPP Knowledge Base (23)

Email Marketing Best Practices

Give your students a better understanding of the different email marketing strategies and tactics that help them drive customer engagement

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Developing an Effective Sales Hook

Give your students a better understanding of developing a sales hook that ensures the conversation continues, coupled with discussion questions for the classroom

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EPP Knowledge Base (6)

INBOUND Discussion Questions

This assignment is based on Brian Halligan's keynote talk from INBOUND 2019 about the new species of disruptor, the experience disruptor. Students will have questions to answer, either individually or as a discussion based on the concepts covered in the talk

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EPP Knowledge Base (8)

Sending an Email Campaign

Email marketing still remains one of the most powerful and effective way for companies to communicate with customers and convert prospects into customers. This assignment goes over the basics of creating and sending an email campaign from start to finish in HubSpot's software

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INBOUND Writing Assignment

This assignment has students answer a writing prompt based on Brian Halligan's talk at INBOUND 2019 conference about a new species of disruptor. Students will dive into the DNA of these new disruptors and how their core competencies can be applied to existing companies

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Learning Paths

Don't know where to start and need a guide? Our Learning Paths are combinations of HubSpot Academy certifications, courses, and lessons that have been hand-picked and designed by our experts to prepare you and your students for success

EPP Knowledge Base (1)-2

Sales Representative

Teach your students the methods of selling to today's consumer using an inbound sales approach and modern sales technology used by professionals everyday

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Your students will become digital marketing experts as they learn how to build out effective multi-channel campaigns across the top nine digital marketing domains

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EPP Knowledge Base (3)

Automation Across the Flywheel

Teach your students about how automation can make processes more efficient and improve customer experience

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Student Resources

We've put together a collection of career development-focused resources for students to help them ensure they are putting their best foot forward during the recruiting process.


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