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Education Partner Resources

Inspire students to learn digital marketing, sales, and more with HubSpot's free classroom resources. Integrate our content — syllabi, projects and certifications — into university courses.


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From Inbound Sales to Social Media, the Education Partner Program's various syllabi are full of assignments, readings, videos and more allowing professors to supplement their existing course material with HubSpot resources

Case Studies and Projects

Case Studies & Projects

Our case study and project resources allow students to dive deeper and turn theory into application. Whether it is creating a business plan or analyzing how a brand engages with their audiences, students will strengthen their understanding of core marketing principles


Case Studies & Projects (1)

Designed to encourage students to think critically and understand nuances within marketing and sales. Whether it is understanding buyer personas or practicing building an email campaign, students will be able to strengthen their understanding of core marketing and sales principles

Student Resources

Case Studies & Projects (2)

We've put together a collection of career development-focused resources for students to help them improve their resumes, write cover letters, and prepare for interviews ensuring they are putting their best foot forward during the recruiting process.

Learning Paths

Case Studies & Projects (3)

Don't know where to start and need a guide? Our Learning Paths are combinations of HubSpot Academy certifications, courses, and lessons that have been hand-picked and designed by our experts to prepare you and your students for success