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Education Partner Resources Assignments

Our EPP assignments are designed to encourage students to think critically and understand smaller nuances of marketing and sales. Explore the assignments below that can help lead students through sending an email campaign in HubSpot, understanding buyer personas, or exploring the idea of A New Species of Disruptor


Developing an Effective Sales Hook

A key part of the sales process is the sales hook. Often one of the first interactions one will have with a prospect or lead, an effective sales hook can be the difference between a conversation continuing or losing a deal.

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Sending an Email Campaign

Email marketing still remains one of the most powerful and effective way for companies to communicate with customers and convert prospects into customers. This assignment goes over the basics of creating and sending an email campaign from start to finish in HubSpot's software

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Buyer Persona Lesson Plan

Having a strong understanding of your buyer persona(s) is critical to everything related to customer acquisition and retention: from driving content creation to sales execution to new product development.

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INBOUND Discussion Questions

This assignment is based on Brian Halligan's keynote talk from INBOUND 2019 about the new species of disruptor, the experience disruptor. Students will have questions to answer, either individually or as a discussion based on the concepts covered in the talk

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INBOUND Writing Assignment

This assignment has students answer a writing prompt based on Brian Halligan's talk at INBOUND 2019 conference about a new species of disruptor. Students will dive into the DNA of these new disruptors and how their core competencies can be applied to existing companies

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