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A Conversation With...

In the, A Conversation With series, we sit down with some of our Education Partners to learn more about how they are using HubSpot in the classroom to bring experiential and applied learning experiences to their students. Learn more about the obstacles they overcame and the successes they have seen through the EPP

A Conversation With our Education Partners

Paula Morris, Salisbury University

Paula Morris' students created the website using HubSpot and use this as the focal point of their digital marketing learning. Students use the HubSpot software to create and test content, publish blog articles, and use the back-end analytics in the software to inform future decisions. Students are able to see a measurable and real impact through the work they are doing and the data they analyze

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Jeremy Galante, Monroe Community College

Jeremy Galante speaks about how to tackle a classroom with students who have varying levels of experience, from budding marketers to seasoned entrepreneurs. He touches on how he helps students build a portfolio to take with them once the class is over and some of the students who have successfully landed jobs after his course

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Dr. Elaine Young, Champlain College

Dr. Young speaks about the obstacles and benefits the come along when working with clients from both a student and professor perspective. She details how she approaches assessing experiential learning projects; placing a focus on a strong final product and ensuring that they are actually understanding concepts through the work they are doing for clients.

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Dr. Tamara Stenn, Landmark College

Dr. Stenn's students work with real clients so that they can apply the concepts they are learning in class to the real world. From building new markets for existing companies to supporting a new start-up, her students use HubSpot's email marketing and social media tools to strengthen their understanding of marketing strategies

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Dr. Sujinda Hwang-Leslie and Garrett Hall, Sheridan College

Dr. Hwang Leslie and Garrett Hall focus on not only the 'what' but the 'how' as well in their digital marketing classes at Sheridan College. In our conversation, they speak about how they worked towards creating an applied learning curriculum that ensured practical application was at the center of their teaching and learning

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Patrick Dodd, Unitec Institute of Technology

Patrick Dodd's students work specifically with marketing departments of real companies to help develop an inbound marketing strategy and campaign once they complete Inbound Marketing and HubSpot software certifications. Through this work, students have been hired at HubSpot agencies and some companies have activated the campaigns his students developed for them

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Dr. Sharmin Attaran, Bryant University

The focus of Dr. Attaran's digital marketing concentration is learning digital marketing concepts while concurrently working with a real-world client. Through certifications, software usage, and coursework, students go through all the processes of working with a client, from interviewing the client to ending the course with a full-scale recommendation on how the client can address their problems.

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