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CatalystU x HubSpot Education Partner Program

The EPP has teamed up with CatalystU to provide professors and students with access to resources centered around Catalyst's Seventh Level Framework

The Seventh Level Framework


Seventh Level Training Guide

An introduction into the Seven Levels of Engagement. Learn how to generate interest in your brand and advance your customers from disengaged to brand champions. When you're done, your customers will be shouting your name from the rooftops!


Seventh Level Handbook

The Seventh Level Handbook is your road maps as you strive to reach the highest level of engagement with your audiences. Use them to fill out your own Seventh Level Worksheet and to develop your original engagement tactics and goals.


Seventh Level Blueprint

Individuals who are truly engaged are proven to be higher performing overall and more likely to take action on your behalf with or without a request or incentive. The levels are broken into three categories, based on how you attract, engage, and delight your audience. This worksheet is intended to help you identify the actions, questions, and goals associated with each of the seven levels

Seventh Level Handbook (6)

Brand Engagement Case Study: Coachella

Help students learn an innovative approach to audience engagement and solving real business problems through the lens of Coachella music festival with our Brand Engagement case study


Social Media Audit Project

The Social Media Audit project leads students through auditing a brand's social media presence through in relation to brand engagement. Students will strengthen their understanding of how a brand can better engage their customers through and increase brand awareness using social media

Seventh Level Handbook (7)

Brand Engagement Case Study: Essence Fest

Help students learn an innovative approach to audience engagement and solving real business problems through the lens of Essence Fest with our Brand Engagement case study


HubSpot Academy - From short courses to comprehensive certifications, students have the opportunity to learn email and content marketing, social media, SEO, sales strategies and more. Students can add globally recognized certifications to LinkedIn profiles to show employers their expertise.


Free Business and Marketing Resources - More than 500 Ebooks, guides, templates and webinars created by HubSpot to help businesses grow and strategize. Topics include SEO, Buyer Personas, Social Media, Sales and more.

  1. CU Cohort

    CatalystU Cohort Program

    A step by step process to understanding customer engagement and how to apply that to your business. This course motivates you beyond the "how" and shows you "why" intentional connections matter in every aspect of customer communication and lead to brand loyalty.

    Available Start Dates: June 6th, June 20th

    Time Commitment: 9 weeks, 1 - 2 hours per week

    Special Pilot Pricing: $499 ($999 value)

    Save My Spot!
    • 5 learning modules broken down by phases:
      • Attract, Engage, and Delight
    • A robust business roadmap to be completed throughout the course, guided by an instructor
    • Real-world case studies with activities 
    • 9 additional mini-courses led by CatalystU Thought Leaders
    • Course certificate
    • 1-year premium membership to CatalystU
    • Dedicated Slack channel for course support and interaction
    • Weekly CatalystU hour
    • How to identify and avoid common marketing challenges
    • How to attract customers whose values are aligned with your "why"
    • The steps needed to activate those customers into a community of active participants that will help shape your business
    • Refined brand and messaging guidelines
    • User journey including calls to action
    • Incentive and influencer marketing strategies
    • Social calendars
    • Email strategy
    • User-generated content strategy

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